6 Best Places to Stay in San Pancho (Tested + Approved!)

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Whether you’re here because you have an upcoming trip to San Pancho you need to plan for, or because you’re just curious as to what San Pancho offers, you are in for a treat! San Pancho has been my home for two years now and thus has a special place in my heart. After all this time, I finally have been able to experience my favorite hotels here. And this is the result! Here is my guide to the 6 best places to stay in San Pancho, Mexico.

Please note: All of these hotels that I review below were part of a large effort across several weeks during which I stayed in each hotel overnight in order to give authentic feedback and coverage. Each hotel was hand-selected by me for having a renowned reputation and excellent reviews among locals and tourists. More importantly, all were chosen for having an ecological thumbprint – whether small or large – and for bringing their own unique identity to San Pancho.

Ultimately, no matter which San Pancho hotel you choose to stay at, you are guaranteed to have a unique and memorable experience of San Pancho!

Thanks for reading and for supporting local businesses and families in San Pancho. 🙂

The ultimate guide for where to stay in San Pancho in Nayarit, Mexico.

Best Modern & Chic Hotels in San Pancho

Marii Hotel Costero

If you’re looking for peacefulness, privacy, and garden oasis vibes, then book your stay with the lovely Marii Hotel Costero! We had the opportunity to stay here for one night and we loved every minute of the tranquil atmosphere that the private suites, jade green pool, and jungly garden enveloped us in.

Marii Hotel Costero in San Pancho | Bucketlist Bri

We especially loved the warm and friendly hospitality from the hotel’s co-owners who are very down-to-earth and emblematic of San Pancho’s small-town charm! One of the highlights of the hotel Marii is the inclusive, wholesome breakfast, served in their airy palapa cafe, which doubles as the perfect place to bird watch in the mornings just after sunrise.

The idea behind Marii — meaning “bird of the coast” in the indigenous Huichol language — is to bring together elements of nature, minimalism, and sustainability. The kitchen sources local ingredients to provide their homemade breakfasts like their handmade granola and jam, while all the rooms and linens are cleaned using only non-toxic, eco-friendly products.

You’ll find the Marii Hotel on Calle Pakistan, which places you just beyond the heart of the town. You’re within ten minutes walking to the beach or downtown, yet far enough away to not be disturbed by any road traffic or even construction noises.

We personally love this neighborhood; there’s a new craft brewery just down on Calle Africa just opposite the Tuesday night live music bar (La Buena Vida). There’s also a nearby ATM, the local Hospital, and one of our favorite go-to lunch spots (La Loncheria Uno Mas – on the corner) for when we’re craving Mexican tortas (sandwiches).

Marii Hotel Costero Overview:

  • Rooms: Cozy and modern, with large glass doors and king-sized beds
  • Design: Minimal and tasteful, with natural elements like creamy cement, wicker, and bamboo
  • Features: Pool on-site, complimentary full breakfast includes coffee/tea, orange juice, yogurt with homemade granola and mix of fresh fruits, plus your choice of avocado toast
  • Location: Calle Pakistan (10-minute walk to the beach)
  • Check room prices for your travel dates

Marii Hotel ultimately gives you a sense of calm and rejuvenation — you can truly rest well and relax and come and go from the hotel with ease. It is a great place to stay in San Pancho for couples, small families, and active adults.

Read my full review + experience staying at the Marii Hotel Costero here.


PAL.MAR Hotel Tropical

Another amazing modern and chic hotel in San Pancho goes to the PAL.MAR Hotel Tropical! Calm, serene, and boho-chic — that’s what is waiting for you here at Pal.Mar. We stayed here for two nights, soaking in the tasteful Mexican designs and tranquil atmosphere, fully indulging in our staycation.

Hotel Review: PAL.MAR Hotel Tropical in San Pancho, Mexico

For our first morning at the hotel, I joined the lovely Denise and her Hatha Yoga class set under an airy, dreamy palapa, and woke up slowly to the roosters and birds echoing throughout San Pancho.

After making a hearty breakfast of fresh fruits and cereal in our stylish kitchenette, I spent the day working from the breezy balcony overlooking the pool and jungly courtyard below. In the evening, I joined Denise again, but this time for a rejuvenating 90-minute full-body massage — one of the best I’ve had — (ya know, those massages that leave you feeling all zen and gooey afterward).

At PAL.MAR you’re in the center of town. Mere steps away are the best brewery in town (La Cerveceria), the best handmade Mexican tacos (Los Arbolitos), the town’s main minimarket (El Indio), and not to mention our favorite cafe for coffee/work (Cafe Manana).

But more than its location, what I really appreciated about PAL.MAR is its eco-conscious design: There are water filters integrated into the sinks in all the rooms so guests don’t have to buy single-use plastic water bottles; the shower and faucets are all solar-power heated and every room provides biodegradable shampoo and body wash; the construction of the building/rooms feature natural bamboo and low-impact materials throughout the hotel.

Hotel Review: PAL.MAR Hotel Tropical in San Pancho, Mexico

PAL.MAR Hotel Tropical Overview:

  • Rooms: Spacious and stylish, equipped with modern kitchenettes* and king-sized beds (*not all of them)
  • Design: Boho-chic and minimalistic/modern
  • Features: Daily yoga classes and rooftop massages (I highly recommend booking with Denise!)
  • Location: Calle America Latina (in the center of it all and a 5-minute walk to the beach)
  • Check availability for your travel dates

When you combine all of these details — the location, the Mexican contemporary design, the on-site yoga, and massage facilities — it’s easy to see why PAL.MAR is one of the best places to stay in San Pancho.

Check out my entire review of PAL.MAR here.


Best Original San Pancho Hotels


Hotel Cielo Rojo

Hotel Cielo Rojo is one of the original hotels in San Pancho! It was first founded in 2005 when founder Gisela Marin took a leisurely drive down the road in “San Francisco” Nayarit. Immediately falling head over heels with the local life she knew she wanted to build a life here. Not long after, Hotel Cielo Rojo was born.

hotels san pancho

I have a love-love relationship with Hotel Cielo Rojo, which is one part boutique hotel and one part bistro. Hotel Cielo Rojo is known not only for its traditional Mexican-inspired hotel but also for its organic bistro (Bistro Organico).

The Bistro Organico is very much the beating heart of the hotel. It’s a charming, open-air restaurant tucked inside the hotel’s inner garden courtyard. But more than that, it’s a place to experience. It’s where you receive the warm hospitality of the locals and staff while tasting their authentic, wholesome, organic, sustainable, and Mexican-inspired cuisine.

The key takeaway about Hotel Cielo Rojo is its homey atmosphere and sustainable philosophy.

With their courtesy tequila for each guest, the bistro, organic cotton sheets, and artisanal soaps, Hotel Cielo Rojo is a pioneer for celebrating and showcasing both Mexican artisanship and sustainability.

There are also so many amazing events, book signings, art shows, and special dinners that happen here. Definitely stop by to eat at the Bistro sometime, even if you don’t end up staying at the hotel!

Hotel Cielo Rojo Overview:

  • Rooms: 10 rooms (double, triple, or suites) with comfy beds, AC, with courtesy Hotel Cielo Rojo-branded tequila
  • Design: Light and natural featuring touches of Mexican artisanship and original vintage artwork
  • Features: Complimentary small breakfast of yogurt, granola and season fruits with tea/coffee, Bistro Organico on-site restaurant, bikes and beach accessories for guests
  • Location: In the heart of the town on Calle Asia
  • Check room prices here

Hotel Cielo Rojo definitely deserves to be on this list for the best place to stay in San Pancho because it really offers an immersive experience into the local San Pancho life. Plus, with the organic restaurant on-site and its lucrative location in the heart of town, it’s a win-win.

Read my full review and experience at Hotel Cielo Rojo here.


Hotel Casa San Pancho

Casa San Pancho is a truly unique place to stay in San Pancho. It is a family-owned and operated hotel, which formerly served as the family’s residence until a couple of years ago when they renovated it into a hotel. The original, red-stoned buildings of the family home date back to over a decade ago when the family first came to lay down roots in San Pancho!

While the services offered are typical of a hotel, the place has finely kept its homey feel. Hand-carved relics from the family’s time abroad in Bali, Indonesia, combined with touches of eccentric Mexican artisanship, now tastefully decorate the common areas and bedrooms. And a heated saltwater pool rests in an inner courtyard below for guests to enjoy (even on a crisp San Pancho morning!).

What we loved most about the hotel is threefold. For one, the staff members are all extremely courteous and pleasant. Two, the location places you next to a variety of local businesses while being a short 10-minute walk to the beach! And three, the included breakfast is Mexican-style and fresh.

Breakfast consists of orange juice, tea/coffee, homemade toast and mango jam, and a bowl of yogurt and granola with mango (the mangoes were cultivated during San Pancho’s last mango season then frozen to preserve freshness). To top it off, we had the main dish which varies daily; ours featured scrambled eggs Mexican-style (with onions and peppers) alongside cheesy refried beans and warm tortillas.

Hotel Casa San Pancho Overview:

  • Rooms: Vibrant and homey, with an incorporated shower/bathroom in the bedroom space (studio style). We also peeked into the original master suite which was beautifully decorated and featured its own spacious private balcony and airy bathroom.
  • Design: Rustic and colorful, with a blend of Mexican and Indonesian elements
  • Features: Heated saltwater pool, complimentary Mexican breakfast, and spirits/bar menu
  • Location: Calle Pakistan (10-minute walk to the beach)
  • Book your stay with Casa San Pancho here

Every part of the hotel endeavors to bring home to you — on vacation. Hotel Casa San Pancho often receives repeat guests, and it’s mostly because of the family-friendly, laid-back atmosphere! With that said, this is a great hotel in San Pancho for couples or retirees.

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Best Eco-Friendly + Jungly Hotels in San Pancho


Maraica Eco Hotel 

For those of you who want jungly + ecological accommodation with the right balance of distance to the town and the beach, then look no further than the Maraica Eco Hotel!

The hotel features natural palapa-style accommodations with small touches of minimalistic luxury. It’s not luxury in the typical sense — there’s no AC, no wifi in the rooms, and no TV — but I personally don’t find these to be luxurious touches. The king bed with the plush duvet, the woven hammock, the jungly-chic atmosphere, plus the close beach access, and ocean/mountain views, though? Now that’s my kind of luxury.

The Maraica Eco Hotel, in my opinion, offers the best mixture of connection to nature combined with comfort. The hotel features lovely double or king-size beds, a hammock on the balconies which overlook the mountains and the ocean, rustic-style showers and amenities, and more! The hotel is equipped with dozens of solar panels, offers glass bottles of potable water, and features natural materials throughout its construction (like the enormous palapa/bamboo roofs).

The grounds of Maraica are possibly my favorite feature as well; there’s a turquoise pool overlooking a green lawn, ideal for yoga retreats or wedding parties, and there’s their on-site restaurant Muvieri, where you can order delicious food and drinks. The restaurant is open to the public, but it stays quiet. Muvieri also has an open-air second floor where you can swing in a chair and watch a dramatic San Pancho sunset!

Maraica Eco Hotel Overview:

  • Rooms: Spacious with a large natural palapa roof, double or king-size beds, solar-heated showers, and balconies with hammocks
  • Design: Rustic and chic, with natural elements throughout
  • Features: Complimentary breakfast of yogurt with seasonal fruits, mini toasts, juice, and coffee/tea, plus on-site Muvieri restaurant, pool, hammocks
  • Location: Nearly beachfront on Calle Las Palmas, 10-15 minute walk to town
  • Check room prices for Maraica here

The Maraica Hotel is one of my favorite hotel experiences. I really appreciated the rustic, eco-design combined with its location by the beach. (And without being too far from town.) Active couples and eco-conscious families with small children will love staying at Maraica in San Pancho!

See my detailed guide to the Maraica Eco Hotel here.


Aldea Bamboo Glamping Retreat

Jungle fanatics will love staying at Aldea Bamboo Glamping Retreat! If it is peace and quiet and privacy you seek, you’ll find it here at Aldea Bamboo.

Eco Cabin 1 @ Aldea Bamboo in San Pancho, Mexico

The concept behind Aldea Bamboo is to be as eco-friendly as possible. From the unique structure of the eco-cabins to the healthy vegan breakfast and ecological compost toilet, Aldea Bamboo is all designed to have a low-impact connection with the environment.

Jaime is the architect and owner who lives on-site. He is extremely laid-back and down-to-earth. He is also a professional healer, and one day wishes to incorporate his healing practice into the essence and services available at Aldea Bamboo.

The resulting atmosphere is quiet and tranquil, one that encourages you to relax and rejuvenate your body and mind!

Right now, Aldea Bamboo has 3 eco-cabins. Parking is available on-site for each, too. Also, each cabin boasts its own private outdoor shower. And if you know me, I love outdoor showers! So having those definitely adds to Aldea Bamboo’s jungly vibe. Plus, I love having that close connection to nature! All in all, having your own cabin under the jungle canopy is so nice. Not to mention, the cabins are right by the beach. Yep! The beach is just a 2-minute walk away. 🙂

Eco Treehouse 3 - Aldea Bamboo Eco Cabana & Glamping Retreat in San Pancho, Mexico | Bucketlist Bri

Aldea Bamboo Overview:

  • Rooms: Private bamboo cabins with an open-room design. Features three corners — one for the closet, bathroom, and kitchenette.
  • Design: Natural bamboo and wood
  • Features: Complimentary vegan breakfast, outdoor showers, mosquito nets around beds
  • Location: At the outskirts of town on the Jungle Road on Calle Las Clavelinas
  • Check availability for eco-cabins for your dates

Aldea Bamboo is the best place to stay in San Pancho for solo travelers or couples wishing to escape from their busy lifestyles. Aldea Bamboo is about coming and going as you please and about finding your balance back in the quiet moments of nature.

Check out my complete review + experience at Aldea Bamboo here.


Where to Stay in San Pancho, Mexico?

By now, my hope is that you are able to find the best hotel in San Pancho for your trip! With so many places to stay in San Pancho, I had to be extremely picky about which ones I included here.

There are, of course, other places to stay in San Pancho but these are the creme de la creme of the list! No matter where you stay, you are going to have a wonderful experience. Just be sure to choose the one that best suits your lifestyle and taste!

So, which San Pancho hotel would you choose? I’d say all of them! xx

Finally, a very special thanks to each and every San Pancho hotel featured here for working with me patiently across several weeks so that I could create this guide!! P.S. Don’t ask me if I have a favorite – I don’t have one! They all offer a unique experience of San Pancho that you’re unlikely to forget anytime soon!


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