A Look Inside Aldea Bamboo – An Eco Glamping Retreat in San Pancho

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As a lover of earth-friendly businesses, I am always stoked to discover hotels and lodges with a sustainable thumb! Whenever I travel, I always look for eco-friendly accommodations first. So you can imagine my delight when I found Aldea Bamboo (Bamboo Village) — an ecological glamping and healing retreat center tucked away under the lush jungle canopy in San Pancho, Nayarit, Mexico!

San Pancho has been our home now for over 1.5 years, yet we are always uncovering new hidden gems. And Aldea Bamboo is one such gem worth discovering! We spent one night in our own private ecological cabin in the jungle where we could wake up slowly, shower outside amid the lush tropical landscape, and cozy up inside our bamboo cabana with a good book!

If you are staying in San Pancho and want sustainable accommodation that offers both privacy and quick access to the beach, then Aldea Bamboo might just be the place you’re searching for.

Here’s my guide + honest review staying overnight at Aldea Bamboo in San Pancho!

Aldea Bamboo – The Concept

Aldea Bamboo is the passion project of Jaime, owner, architect, and healer, who lives full-time in his own eco-cabin on-site. The idea behind Aldea Bamboo was to not only lay down roots in the charming pueblo of San Pancho but to bring together his passions for design, ecological solutions, and healing.

Jaime welcomes all to come and enjoy nature in the jungle at its best, where sunshine seeps through the palm fronds and birds and squirrels scamper about in the treetops.

Here, you can rejuvenate your mind and body. Wake up slow with a healthy, homemade smoothie bowl. Relax fully as the hot water from the outdoor shower washes your worries away.

If life seems busy and hectic, Aldea Bamboo’s purposeful design aims to slow things down.

Most of all, Aldea Bamboo is a place to escape to – a sustainable retreat that is tucked away in the jungle, yet gives you quick access to the beach or downtown. It’s conveniently secluded, so it’s not miles away from the beach or eclectic life in San Pancho, yet it’s private enough to feel like you’re on an exclusive retreat.

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The Eco Cabins

Aldea Bamboo Eco Cabana & Glamping Retreat in San Pancho, Mexico | Bucketlist Bri

There are 3 eco cabanas at the moment at Aldea Bamboo; all of which are designed with sustainability and minimalism in mind. Each cabin is built with natural bamboo and wood finishings, is elevated off the jungle ground (so as to not disturb local fauna and flora) and features compost toilets and biodegradable soaps.

Cabins 1 & 2

We stayed in Cabin 1, and along with Cabin 2, the style of the cabin is uniquely shaped into a hexagon! Because of this, Jaime was able to design three corners; one for the kitchenette, one for the bathroom, and one for the closet — all of which are behind closed bamboo doors.

Eco Cabin 1 @ Aldea Bamboo in San Pancho, Mexico

When we entered into our cabana, the natural light from the sunroof gently illuminated the room and its furnishings. An inviting queen-sized bed with a draping mosquito net sits front and center. A large table for two and a stylish couch line the walls. And small decorations bring the room to life, like the hanging dreamcatcher, wall painting, and colorful Mexican fresh water dispenser. There’s a wrap-around deck with a table for dining or work, and lounge chairs peering off into the jungle canopy.

Of special mention is the jungly outdoor shower, which adds to the wild and lush atmosphere at Aldea Bamboo. In the shower, biodegradable shampoo, soap, and conditioner are available since the water from the shower goes back into the earth via a grease trap filtration system. Outdoor lights illuminate the walking path at night and inside the shower (in case you dare shower at night!) 😉

Cabin 3

Eco Treehouse 3 - Aldea Bamboo Eco Cabana & Glamping Retreat in San Pancho, Mexico | Bucketlist Bri

Although we didn’t stay overnight in Cabin 3, we did get a sneak peek of it! It’s newer and more spacious than Cabins 1 and 2 but encompasses the same eco and minimalist vibe. Cabin 3 is at the back of Aldea Bamboo on higher ground. So there are more steps, but there is also more light from the day, as it’s not so tucked away under the jungle canopy.

The room is also brighter as well, with glass pane and bamboo doors that let the light flow in. The shower facility has also been constructed with a new look and feel, with a lovely turquoise rock tiling. We had the option to stay here but we were just as happy with our cozy Cabin 1 closer to the entrance.

Of course, all of the lodges have everything you need to stay comfortably. There’s wall outlets, cozy lights, bathroom towels, beach towels and umbrella, spare blankets, soap, shampoo and conditioner, and lotion. And what’s really cool is that the kitchenette is fully equipped so you can make your own meals!

Check room prices for Aldea Bamboo here.

The Vibe

After several moments of me reading under the skylight on the bed, or walking the jungle grounds barefoot, I realized the vibe at Aldea Bamboo is one of “replenishing.” I felt replenished staying here!

Aldea Bamboo Village in San Pancho Mexico

As I mentioned, Jaime is a healer and architect. And he designed Aldea Bamboo with these two mindsets. The atmosphere is calm and quiet. Silent hours are appreciated in the mornings and at night, as the idea is to relax and be at peace here. (It’s not the place to turn up loud music!)

Aldea Bamboo is an ideal eco-friendly accommodation for solo travelers escaping to the jungle or for couples wanting a secluded getaway by the beach.

Speaking of the beach, the Aldea Bamboo Village is located on the jungle road in San Pancho. It is just a 2-minute walk from the cabin to the far side of San Pancho beach. It’s a lovely section of the beach with colorful shorefront villas and mountainside rocks.

Likewise, it takes around 15-20 minutes to walk to downtown. It’s not far and the walk is quite nice! There’s also parking spots for each cabin, in case you have your own vehicle.

Aldea Bamboo really brought together elements of convenience (fast wifi, town services, etc.) with the seclusion and privacy of the jungle!

Favorite Features

I love glamping! And Aldea Bamboo seems to do it just right. Glamping is like camping – getting up and close with nature – while still enjoying the comforts of an accommodation. Like a plush pillow, or hot shower water. 🙂

The cabana sets one up for a perfect night! The bed is super comfortable and inviting. Plus, the sound of waves crashing on the shore rocks you to sleep! (At least it did me!) Beyond the living/bedroom space, the kitchenette and bathroom were also really cutely designed. It boasts cute rustic sinks, mini appliances, and all the nuts and bolts one needs to cook and wash up. Plus, I love the cozy vibes that the warm lights bring to the cabana at night.

Breakfast in the morning is placed on an indoor/outdoor “breakfast shelf” of the kitchenettes and consists of a homemade smoothie bowl in a glass Tupperware with granola, raisins, dates, and shredded coconut. It’s delicious and the perfect pick-me-up for a fresh morning in the jungle!

The Future of Aldea Bamboo in San Pancho

What does the future hold for Aldea Bamboo? Right now it has three eco cabanas, but there are plans in the works to build at least 2-3 more in the future. As a professional healer, Jaime also wishes to incorporate his healing practice into Aldea Bamboo. His hopes are to turn it into an entire retreat center, where people can come to rejuvenate and heal. He used to hold sessions in his own home at Aldea Bamboo, but he quickly saw the need to build a separate space just for his healing practice.

Finally, staying at Aldea Bamboo is a must for those searching for eco-friendly accommodation in San Pancho. We hope to go back one day! I would love to see Aldea Bamboo take its shape as a jungle retreat center!

Would you go glamping here at Aldea Bamboo in San Pancho? Drop your thoughts and questions for me below! 

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A special thanks to Aldea Bamboo for sponsoring and hosting me to experience the hotel overnight. As always, all opinions expressed here are my own.

Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links, should you make a purchase via my links I will receive a small commission at no cost to you. Thanks for your support!

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      Oh, wonderful! The spaces are so well-thought and designed. You’ll love it there. Enjoy!


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