Checking in at the Eco + Chic Maraica Hotel in San Pancho

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Tropical vacations, at least for me, are all about being by the beach and listening to the waves crash on the shore, having a cool pool and a fun atmosphere at the hotel, eating exotic fruits for breakfast, and having a hammock to read and relax in. And the Maraica Eco Hotel in San Pancho checks off all of those, and more!

Since living in San Pancho for ongoing two years now, I must admit, I have never once stepped foot into the Maraica hotel — that is until recently! Only ever marveling at its beautiful wall murals from the outside, I never thought twice about taking a staycation and discovering this part of the town. But I’m so glad I did! Such hidden treasures come to life when you just get out and explore your backyard. 🙂

Now that I got to experience it up and close myself, the Maraica Hotel definitely blew my expectations away! Read more below to find out what it was really like to stay here.

Here is my full guide + experience to staying at the Maraico Eco Hotel in San Pancho, Mexico!

The (Eco) Hotel 

Natural, airy, rustic, with a touch of minimal luxury — that’s how I can best sum up the Maraica Eco Hotel! The hotel is designed with natural materials and sustainability is an integral part of the way the hotel does business.


The Maraica Eco Hotel sits just on the outskirts of San Pancho and is mere seconds from the beach. It’s not quite beachfront as in you walk out and you’re on the beach. But within 30 seconds you are.  The location is perfect for those wanting to be near to town (10-15 minute walk), but not in the center of it all. Beach-goers and sunset-lovers will adore Maraica for its proximity to a nice part of the San Pancho Beach.


Maraica Hotel is an ecological place to stay in San Pancho, and as such, it doesn’t have luxurious comforts such as air conditioning in the rooms. (Not that you really need them, as it is often breezy and fresh.) Potable water is served in glass bottles and is refillable at the on-site restaurant just steps away from the room suites. So obviously buying single-use plastics and hoarding them away in your room defeats the purpose of the hotel.

As a natural, rustic style accommodation, you can expect nature’s greetings — whether it’s birds chirping in the trees or a gecko squeaking from atop your room’s palapa roof in the middle of the day. If you want to enjoy nature, in a hotel that is conscious of their ecological footprint, then Maraica might just be the place for you!

The Palapa Rooms

The rooms at Maraica San Pancho are some of my favorite. One part rustic, one part luxurious, it’s the combination of the two that I find relaxing and inspirational. I immediately want to grab a book, and gently rock myself in the balcony’s hammock! (In fact, I promptly did so when I arrived in my room.)

The rooms at Maraica are unique, in both name and style. The names of each room originate from the symbology of the Wixárika (Huichol Indians) who are native to the Sierra Madre mountains in Nayarit and in neighboring states.

We stayed in the single room Tai (meaning fire in Huichol language) which overlooked both the mountains and ocean that sweetly cradle the pueblo of San Pancho.

The bed, king-size, was quite the treat. But so was our balcony view, the hammock, and our open-style bathroom and shower. Everything from the exposed, rustic lightbulbs, to the spacious roof palapa, was to adore (in my opinion since this type of style resonates deeply with me).


The rooms are quite spacious, and as such, couples and families with small kids love it here. Here are just a few of the amenities you can expect at Maraica San Pancho.

  • 2x Double beds or 1x King-size bed
  • Hot shower (solar heated)
  • Rustic style sinks
  • Fresh linens and towels
  • Beach + Pool towels on request
  • Complimentary potable water with glass cups
  • A sturdy closet for storage and clothing
  • Wooden table and chair
  • Outdoor (sometimes indoor) hammock
  • …and they are pet-friendly!

Family suite Tau (next door to Tai)

Wifi is only available at the on-site restaurant on the hotel grounds. The idea at Maraica is to disconnect, play in the pool, hang out in the hammock, and enjoy the beach. If you need to do work, the wifi at the restaurant is pretty decent to get a couple of hours in.

Check Maraica Eco Hotel room prices here.

Muvieri On-Site Restaurant 

Muvieri is Maraica’s public, on-site restaurant. It’s not obvious from an outsider’s perspective that the restaurant is public, but you can come and eat here even if you’re not a guest at the hotel. You can also rent pool day passes to enjoy the hotel pool.

Muvieri is such a sweet spot for several reasons. For one, watching the sunset from Muvieri’s second floor is quite the treat. With couches and pillows, and swings to sit in, you have a clear, unhampered view of the sunset over the ocean. And two, dinner here is delicious and it rarely gets super busy (seeing as it looks like a private establishment) so you’re sure to enjoy your meal in peace.

Tropical vibes women on swing | Maraica San Pancho | Bucketlist Bri

During our stay, we chose to eat dinner here. I always love to try new San Pancho restaurants, and this was a first for us. We loved it! We both ordered burgers — beef and a tuna steak burger — which were oh-so-satisfying with a side salad or papas. I also treated myself to a margarita because, staycation, right? 🙂

Complimentary Breakfast

Maraica San Pancho’s guests enjoy a complimentary breakfast from around 8-11:30. It’s small yet satisfying; two toasts, one with Mexican frijoles and cheese, the other with a marmalade, plus a glass of fresh-squeezed OJ (my favorite) and a cup of yogurt with fresh exotic fruit.

As we woke up to the fresh breeze and the mystic sound of the ocean, the hotel’s black and white kitty, Mizu, came to snuggle at our feet, and we happily obliged.

The Vibe 

Understanding the essence of a place is crucial for me as a travel blogger. So the highlight of our evening was getting to meet Fernanda, the hotel owner and #bossbabe who manages it all. The staff finds her to be equally admirable and loveable, and the hotel’s vibe suddenly became more clear.

Ultimately, Maraica’s wish for their guests is to feel at rest in nature and connect with the positive energy here.

The Pool

When you first walk up the steps into the private grounds of Maraica, you immediately notice the circular pool jutting out from the rock. It’s instantly inviting. Moreso, it gives the hotel a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. I know sometimes people specifically search for hotels with pools, while for others it’s not a necessity. Even though I didn’t get to use it much, I definitely find it adds to the hotel’s tropical vibe.

The Ocean

One of the best things about Maraica Eco Hotel in San Pancho is possibly the ocean — which is accessible via a dirt road right in front of the hotel. As I said earlier, the sound of the waves crashing on the shore at night makes it seem like you are literally oceanfront.

The Grounds

The hotel grounds are so well hidden, yet the entrance is right on the road that leads to the jungle. But the fact that it is hidden gives it a special, private touch. You’re not secluded far away in the trees, but you’re likely to go unnoticed. Those who know of Maraica and the Muvieri restaurant know, but no one else does.

Beyond that, I love the jungly vibes of the grounds teeming with plants. It’s simple and sophisticated. The large lawn in front of the pool also doubles as the perfect place to watch the sunset and for special events.

Hotel Maraica San Pancho is set up to host all types of events — from yoga and wellness retreats to full-blown wedding parties. It is quite a special place, with good energy. Even Paul and I bounced around the idea of a future wedding here! ^^

Staying at Maraica Eco Hotel in San Pancho

I love Maraica Eco Hotel for a variety of reasons, but its stylish, airy rooms along with its distance from town, yet proximity to the ocean, are the icing on the cake. For those who enjoy nature escapes and being by the beach will love staying at Maraica in San Pancho! You can check their Instagram here.

Are you ready for your Mexican tropical vacation? Plan your stay at Maraica in San Pancho today!


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A special thanks to Fernanda and Maraica Hotel for hosting me to stay one night in order to bring this review to fruition. As always, my opinions as expressed here are my own! 

Disclosure: This article contains affiliate links. If you make a booking via my links Bucketlist Bri might earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks for your support!

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