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I’m a storyteller at heart. I’ve been recounting my adventures abroad for over 7 years, although back then my blog wasn’t anything but an online journal. My storytelling has never been perfect, but it offers a birds-eye view into other worlds, cultures, and languages as I come to experience them and learn from them.

My hope with Bucketlist Bri is to share with others the sense of curiosity and wonderment that I get from traveling and living in other countries than my own. If I can inspire someone to be open-minded, to learn the importance of responsible and mindful travel, to challenge themselves against their own biases and beliefs, then I will have fulfilled my wish as a budding writer, photographer, humanitarian, and global citizen. 

Why work with me?

I’m a wanderer, a nomad, a van lifer, a globetrotter, among many other things. But so are a lot of people. So why should you partner with me? What makes me special isn’t any of those things, but the cumulation of my skills from living abroad and learning through first-hand experience. Partner with me and I’ll deliver more than just influence, a shout-out, or promotion. I’ll provide real value by telling a powerful story and making an authentic connection to a targeted niche of fellow adventurers and supporters of responsible travel and sustainability.

Media kit available upon request.

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I have a passion for adventure. Whether it’s trekking in the ice-capped Himalayas or scuba diving off the reefs in the turquoise waters of Mexico. Adventure is out there and I crave it!

slow travel.

Slow – responsible – eco travel. It’s how I prefer to explore the world. Quick trips will always have their fun side, but the real treasure lies in immersing oneself, slowly, in a place and culture.

digital nomad.

When asked, “Where’s home?” I list off several countries. As a digital nomad, I live and breathe new places (and also wifi). I create my own freedom, and inspire others to do the same.

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Whether it’s to promote your values and product or feature your destination or hotel, I offer both written and visual content to create a compelling story around your brand.

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work with me

Adventure Travel

As I always say, “Partner with me while I’m small and watch us both grow!”

The unique travel market and blogger-sphere is a fast-growing industry. With that said, I count on growing my reach. But whether I am a micro or mega-influencer, I’ll never compromise on authenticity and professionalism.

Read my partnership with an outdoor kayaking company located in New Brunswick, Canada. 

Hey, Bri. This is awesome!! It’s such a comprehensive look at our tours. Very cool… Thanks so much for the outstanding article.”

Jordan Jamison | Operations Manager

Red Rock Adventure


In today’s travel niche, competition is at an all-time high. But numbers, as brands and tourism boards are starting to figure out, aren’t everything. Instead, the travel market is moving toward a more targeted approach. As pointed out at the 2019 WTM London, the importance of authentic engagement, smaller niche groups, moving visuals and powerful storytelling are coming to the forefront of the industry – and they’re going to be game-changers. 

Gone are the days when you need a minimum of 100K followers to be a content creator or influencer. Markets are leaning toward micro influencers to spread the word about their product, hotel, or travel destination. People are searching for the real and raw moments behind travel experiences. And for that, you will want someone who is willing to put in the time and effort to create that experience in order to relate and connect on a deeper level with a targeted and highly-engaged audience. 



In just a couple of days after writing and publishing my long-awaited Kathmandu, Nepal bucket list, I received an oh-so heartwarming message from one of my followers on Instagram. 

“Hey Bri! The other day I joked about how we were getting wanderlust from your recent Kathmandu blog, but after reading it, Connor and I are reconsidering a visit to Nepal. You officially sold us!!”

After giving some personal feedback from my experience living in Nepal for a year, they followed up and said…

“You are INCREDIBLE!!!! This is all such great info! Literally just booked a week in Kathmandu! Thank you for being such a sweetheart. I’m sure we’ll have another follow-up question or two, but I just can’t tell you how much all this advice helped us out.” 

– Taylor & Connor | @pearsonescapes



work with me

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