11 Best Digital Nomad Cities Around the World

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Living and traveling around the world in search of the best digital nomad cities – that’s every nomad’s conquest. Well that, and the eternal search for coffee and wifi. Becoming a digital nomad means being able to pick and choose where you want to live. It’s definitely one of the perks of this lifestyle. But the choice isn’t easy! Believe it or not, there are some amazing digital nomad cities to choose from!

Whether you want to base yourself by the beach or get lost in artsy urban centers, there’s no doubt the perfect digital nomad city out there for you! As for us, we are currently living the digital nomad life in Mexico, but we have plans to pick up and move again soon. Where will we go next? As digital nomads, we normally don’t plan but six months out at a time. As they say, “the world is your oyster!”

11 Best Digital Nomad Cities Around the World

1. Canggu + Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

bali, indonesia | best digital nomad cities

The number one place to be a digital nomad is none other than the tropical island of Bali in Indonesia. Particularly, Ubud and Canggu are the two best cities for digital nomads in Indonesia.

Why is Bali such a digital nomad hotspot? Bali has it all! Epic digital nomad co-working spaces, stunning landscapes, a large nomad network, and not to mention the cost of living is generally cheaper than in Europe or the USA (depending on your lifestyle). I mean, who doesn’t want to live on an island famous for its cute cafes, eco-resorts, and jungle adventures?

What’s the visa situation for digital nomads in Indonesia? You get 30 days upon arrival which can be extended to 60 days. Most digital nomads just make quick trips to nearby countries to restart the countdown.

Digital Nomad Life in Canggu

Canggu is a popular beachside resort town on Bali’s southwestern coast. It’s a huge spot for surfers, boho-chic enthusiasts, backpackers, and of course, digital nomads. It oozes paradise and is especially known for its hip cafe + co-working culture.

Featured Coworking Space: Dojo Bali 

Dojo Bali is by far the most famous co-working space in Canggu because it is your ultimate all-in-one place to go for all things digital nomad. You can have breakfast, lounge by the pool, work outside, attend events, chat with other nomads, or work in quiet spaces. The wifi is notably the best in Canggu too, which is essential for digital nomads. Monthly membership can range from $50-200.

Notable Cafes: Nude, Koloni, Alter Ego, Give Cafe, Machinery Cafe

Activities/Interests: Beaches, Surfing, Nightlife, day trips to nearby resort towns of Seminyak and Kuta.

  • Batu Balong Beach
  • Echo Beach
  • Tanah Lot
  • Nelayan Beach
  • Kedungu Beach

Cost of Living: Total: $800-1,500+ | Rent $300-500 | Food $150-300 | Scooter rental $60+ | Co-working avg. $90+

Digital Nomad Life in Ubud

The other best city in Indonesia for digital nomads is Ubud, located far away from the coast in the foothills of the island where terraced rice fields, extravagant temples, and adventurous waterfalls are aplenty. Ubud also has a large and friendly nomadic network, with affordable rent, awesome cafes, tropical coworking spaces, and a big yogi culture. Wellness and health reign in Ubud, so mornings are taken slow and there are lots of opportunities to seek out alternative therapy.

Featured Coworking Space: Hubud 

Hubud is known as being one of the coolest coworking spaces in Ubud because it’s mostly made out of natural materials like wood and bamboo. Hubud’s space ditches every aspect of traditional office life and replaces it with unique features that inspire creativity; like open-air communal tables surrounded by lush jungle views! It was even listed by Lonely Planet for being one of the top ten coworking spaces in the world.

Notable Cafes: Anomali, Lazy Cats Cafe, Seniman Coffee Studio, Clear Cafe

Activities/Interests: Yoga/Wellness, Temples & Sanctuaries, Cafes, Ricefields, Waterfalls

  • Monkey Forest Sanctuary
  • Ubud Palace
  • Arma Museum
  • Goa Gajah – Elephant Temple
  • Ubud Market

Cost of Living: Total: ~ $700 – $1,600+ | Rent $400-800 | Food $150-300 | Scooter $60+| Coworking $100-200 (Local currency: Indonesian Rupiah)

Choosing between Ubud and Canggu is a tough decision, it all depends on your preferences – do you want to be on the coast or near the rainforest? Both are ideal spots to live out the digital nomad life!

2. Chiang Mai, Thailand

chiang mai, thailand - best digital nomad cities

Chiang Mai, Thailand is another epicenter for digital nomads. Located in northeastern Thailand, Chiang Mai is known for its stunning temples, elephant sanctuaries, great climate, awesome food, and more! For digital nomads, it’s especially popular for the inexpensive cost of living, high-speed wifi, urban/countryside dual lifestyle, and convenience to other cities and digital nomad hubs in Southeast Asia.

Visa: A single-entry tourist visa grants 60 days with the possibility to extend just once for 30 more days (90 days total). After that, you’ll need to do a border run. Some countries are also visa-exempt and the length of stay varies based on your passport.

Chiang Mai has lots to offer digital nomads, but planning when you go is wise as Chiang Mai has a wet and dry season that in both cases, makes life a little less enjoyable there. Aim to go around mid-October to mid-February if you can. Chiang Mai has its own vibe, it might not be as tropical as the island of Bali, but there’s a good amount of things to do: temples, hikes, day trips, festivals, you name it!

Featured Coworking Space: Punspace

Punspace is the OG of the digital nomad coworking spaces in Chiang Mai. It has three locations across Chiang Mai that the top members get unlimited access to (Nimman, Tha Phae Gate, and Wiang Kaew).

Notable Cafes: Passion Project, Area53, Ember Coffee & Eatery,

Activities/Interests: Temples, Hikes, Festivals, Day Trips (Pai), Nightlife, Nature

  • Phra That Doi Suthep
  • Wat Chedi Luang
  • Lampang White Temples
  • Phra Singh Temple
  • Pui National Park

Cost of Living: Total $750-1,500 (similar to Bali) | Rent $400-600 | Food $200-300 | Coworking $120/month (Local currency: Thai Baht)

3. Lisbon, Portugal

lisbon, portugal | best digital nomad cities

There are so many things to do in Lisbon, Portugal that makes it such an awesome digital nomad city. Lisbon offers a sunny seaside retreat in Europe, making it a great base for European digital nomads who can easily move here. In fact, Paul’s brother (from France) is currently living the digital nomad life in Lisbon!

Lisbon is known for its soulful fado music and culture, vibrant festivals, cafe culture, easy public transport, eclectic nightlife, safety, and much more. Not to mention Lisbon is a mecca for coworking spaces – there’s so many to choose from! There’s a large and growing expat and digital nomad community in Lisbon so it’s easy to find affordable (in comparison to other cities in Europe) co-living apartments.

Featured Coworking Space: Cowork Central or Second Home

Cowork Central is a favorite coworking space among Lisbon locals. There are two locations in the city, one which is right in the heart of the Cais do Sodré. They’ve got a friendly community, free-flowing coffee, high-speed wifi, and flexible day/monthly passes. For unlimited 24/7 access, it costs €175.

Second Home is a bit fancier with higher membership fees (€180-250+), but the location and atmosphere are hard to beat! They really have it all and if you can’t get inspired by the work vibe and creativity in this place, I’m not sure where you will!

Notable Cafes: Cafe Aberto, Be Lisboa, Brick Cafe, Fona and Flora, and cafes in the hip LX Factory neighborhood!

Activities/Interests: Culture, History, Day Trips, Beaches, Shopping, Restaurants/Bars, Nightlife

  • Praca do Comercio
  • Bairro Alto
  • Santa Justa Lift
  • Castelo de San Jorge
  • Belem Tower

Cost of Living: Total €1,000-1,500+ | Rent €650-1000 | Food €200-300 | Coworking €175

4. Barcelona, Spain

barcelona, spain | best digital nomad cities

If you want even more choice for coworking spaces, consider being a digital nomad in Barcelona, Spain! For the past few years, Barcelona had one of the fastest-growing digital nomad communities in the world with the highest concentration of coworking spaces.

If you love the tapa culture in Spain, you’ll LOVE Barcelona. Plus, Barcelona is one of the more laid-back cities in Europe to live in. Siesta is the norm, the beach is right at your fingertips, sangria comes in tiny pitchers, and it’s just a really fun city to visit or live in. There’s also a young, motivated community of fellow nomads doing their thing so you’ll fit right in (freelancers, entrepreneurs, start-ups, etc!).

Featured Coworking Space: Betahaus

Betahaus is a popular choice among digital nomads. It offers international networking opportunities and a sense of community complete with private workspaces, meeting rooms, cafe/bar, and even five outdoor terraces so you can enjoy a break under the Barcelona sun.

Notable Cafes: Robot House, Bohl, Brewcoffee, Little Fern Cafe, TicTaste

Activities/Interests: Beach, Architecture, Cultural Attractions, Shopping, Restaurants/Bars, Nightlife, Gastronomy, Outdoors

  • La Sagrada Familia
  • Park Guell
  • Casa Mila
  • La Rambla
  • Montjuic

Cost of Living: Total €1,500-2,500+ | Rent €850-1400 | Food €250-400 | Coworking €100-200

5. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

kuala lumpur, malaysia | top cities for digital nomads

Kuala Lumpur (KL) is an up and coming digital nomad city in Southeast Asia. It has such an awesome atmosphere and has a pretty low cost of living. Kuala Lumpur has a vibrant mix of cultures (but is predominantly Muslim), and it’s one of the friendliest cities we’ve traveled in.

KL’s culture, history, art, and attractions and the malls are all amazing! The food is cheap (a restaurant averages $1-10 pp), and the public transport is so on-point, clean, and reliable. KL is a comfortable, safe city to live in for a few weeks or months as a digital nomad!

Plus, Malaysia’s easy visa situation (90 days visa-free) is what places it at the top of the list for the best digital nomad cities! We spent 3 days in Kuala Lumpur for our backpacking trip around SE Asia and I can’t wait to go back!


Featured Coworking Space: Colony Coworking KL

Colony Coworking KL is one of the more grandiose coworking spaces in KL. It’s got meeting rooms, private offices, and open desk “hot spots” that allow you to sit around each day in a new location to get your creative juices flowing. For a more low-key coworking space that digital nomads flock to, check out A Space To ___.

Notable Cafes: VCR, Cafe Tujoh, The Toast Co., Common Grind

Activities/Interests: Cultural Attractions, Temples, Shopping, Malls, Restaurants/Bars, Nightlife, Gastronomy

  • Petronas Towers
  • Batu Caves
  • National Mosque of Malaysia
  • Thean Hou Temple
  • Jalan Alor Food Street

Cost of Living: Total: $800-$1,300+ | Rent $550-900 | Food $150-250 | Coworking $90+/month (Local currency: Malaysian Ringgit)

6. Budapest, Hungary

budapest, hungary | digital nomads

Budapest in Hungary is another fast-growing digital nomad city in Europe exploding with architectural wonders, ancient history, and a mix of eclectic cultures. It’s not like the vibe of Western Europe (France, Spain, etc,.) as Hungary is located in Central Europe, so there’s lots of Turkish and Roman influence.

Budapest, in particular, has a big nomad community with lots of things to do (cafes, bookshops, tourist attractions, etc) including its famous thermal baths (Lukacs, Rudas, and the largest in all of Europe – the Széchenyi Medicinal Bath, among others). The wifi is also top-quality. The cost of living in Budapest is relatively cheap and it’s somewhat off-the-beaten-track for digital nomads, unlike places like Bali or Thailand.

Featured Coworking Space: Loffice Coworking

Loffice has a great reputation among digital nomads for its inspiring coworking space. With any of their packages, you get access to all tools and networking events. Prices vary, but the monthly coworking package costs around $135 USD (45,000 Forint).

Notable Cafes: Fekete, Cserpes Tejivó, Magvető Café, Kino Café

Activities/Interests: Thermal Baths, Wellness, History, Cafes/Restaurants/Bars, Nightlife, Architecture

  • Hungarian Parliament Building
  • Buda Castle
  • Heroes’ Square
  • Fisherman’s Bastion/Fortress
  • Central Market Hall

Cost of Living: Total $700-$1200 | Rent $350-600 | Food $150-250 | Coworking $100+/month (Local currency: Hungarian Forint)

7. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

puerto vallarta, mexico digital nomad cities

Next up, my favorite “big” city in Mexico – Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco! Puerto Vallarta, Vallarta, or simply “PV” is one of the best digital nomad cities to live in. That is if you love Mexican food! Or being steps away from amazing beaches. Or watching sunsets over the Pacific Ocean. Or generally, you just want to live that colorful, sunny, and fiesta life that Mexico offers.

For the past two years, we have lived just an hour north of PV in a small town called San Pancho (right beside the popular surfing town of Sayulita). The wifi isn’t good here at all like it is in Puerto Vallarta. So we trade high internet speeds for being able to live in a smaller community! But if you’re a digital nomad who really needs fast wifi, Puerto Vallarta has got you covered!

Featured Coworking Space: Vallarta Cowork

Vallarta Cowork is a cute and airy coworking space in Puerto Vallarta for digital nomads. It is located mere steps from the Zona Romantica and Malecon (= prime location). As a bonus, it has icy air-conditioning for those hot and humid days!

Notable Cafes: Café Canela, El Sofa Cafe, Metate Cafe

Activities/Interests: Beaches, Ocean, Wellness, Food, Culture, Festivals, Restaurants, Jungle, Outdoors, Adventure

  • Zona Romantica & Malecon
  • Playa Los Muertos & Pier
  • Mirador Cerro de la Cruz
  • Islas Marietas
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish

Cost of Living: Total $900-$1400 | Rent $650-1000 | Food $150-300 | Coworking $125/month (Local currency: Mexican Pesos)

8. Medellin, Colombia

medellin, colombia, best digital nomad cities to live in

Colombia is an amazing country to live in! I lived in Bogota for three months and during that time fell in love with its vibrant culture, diversity, friendly people, and breathtaking natural beauty in the Zona Cafetera and on the northern Colombian Caribbean coast. With that said, I’m happy to include Medellin as one of the best digital nomad cities around the world!

Medellin is the city of eternal spring, the city of Pablo Escobar, art, history, and tango! The city, while it does have its pros and cons, overall has blossomed into a digital nomad hub and has inspired artists, backpackers, and expats to come to soak up its pleasant climate, coffee, and wifi.

Featured Coworking Space: Selina Cowork

Selina Cowork in Medellin is a popular choice among digital nomads as it doubles as both a coworking and coliving space. It has an awesome working environment with large communal tables and plants. It also has a yoga/wellness terrace, a lunch bar, and more! You can rent out day passes or monthly passes at a typical rate ($80-170). Selina is located in the posh El Poblado neighborhood – a popular and trendy tourist destination filled with art, cafes, museums, bars, and boutiques.

Notable Cafes: Urbania Cafe, Pergamino Cafe, Cafe Velvet, Cafe Revolucion

Activities/Interests: Cafes, Salsa, Art, Culture, Museums, Festivals, Bars/Restaurants, Urban, Outdoors

  • Plaza Botero
  • El Poblado and San Javier Neighborhoods
  • Arvi Eco Park
  • El Castillo Museum
  • Nutibara Hill (viewpoint)

Cost of Living: Total $700-$1200 | Rent $400-800 | Food $200-350 | Coworking $80-170/month (Local currency: Colombian Pesos)

9. Tbilisi, Georgia 

tbilisi, georgia, best digital nomad cities to live in

Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, somewhat exploded as a tourist destination and digital nomad hotspot in recent years. What was once an off-the-beaten-track destination is becoming one of the best digital nomad cities to live in Eurasia (it’s located right between Europe and Asia). It’s precisely this juxtaposition that makes Tbilisi so interesting!

Tbilisi invigorates the senses. The city has been influenced over centuries from various empires and regions with notable Russian and Eastern influence. So why do digital nomads love it? Digital nomads move here for its ambiance, fast wifi, and not to mention its 1-year tourist visa. Yep! Nomads can easily stay in Tbilisi for up to 365 days on a tourist visa! That certainly takes the hassle out of having to find a new temporary home as a digital nomad.

Featured Coworking Space: Impact Hub

Tbilisi has two top coworking spaces: Terminal (with two locations), and Impact Hub. Impact Hub has an airy, bright atmosphere with all the nuts and bolts any digital nomad needs to get sh*t done. With its competitive prices, large nomad network, and prime location, Impact Hub is a great co-working space for digital nomads.

Notable Cafes: Lui Coffee, Skola Cafe, Prospero’s Coffee Shop & Bookstore

Activities/Interests: History, Architecture, Museums, Parks, Cathedrals/Fortresses, Outdoors, Gastronomy

  • Sameba and Sioni Cathedrals
  • Freedom Square
  • Rustaveli Avenue
  • Narikala Fortress
  • Georgian National Museum

Cost of Living: Total $800-$1300 | Rent $300-600 | Food $200-300 | Coworking $100-175 (Local currency: Georgian Lari)

10. Hoi An, Vietnam

hoi an, vietnam | digital nomad cities to move to

The picturesque town of Hoi An, dubbed the City of Lanterns, has been high up on my bucket list for quite some time now! Hoi An is arguably one of the cutest digital nomad cities. Its Ancient Town and the canals carving through it are somewhat of a wonderland.

The expat and digital nomad crowd are getting pretty large now compared to a couple of years ago. Plus, it’s got great connection speeds and plenty of coworking spaces and is close to several beaches (weekend vacation!). With a growing community, there’s sure to be plenty of networking and social opportunities for newbie digital nomads in Hoi An.

Featured Coworking Space: Hub Hoi An Coworking

Hub Hoi An is reportedly the first Hoi An-based coworking space. Situated between the Old Town and the An Bang Beach, Hub gives you a tropical environment in which to work and get inspired. They’ve got indoor/outdoor workspaces, great coffee, friendly staff, even lunch and social events on weekends. And the wifi is good too! At Hub, you can get your productivity on. The monthly package costs 4 million VD or around $175 USD.

Notable Cafes: Rosie’s Cafe, Hi Phin Coffee House, Sound of Silence Coffee, 11 Cafe

Activities/Interests: Cultures, Beach, Shopping, Markets, Temples, History, Gastronomy

  • Ancient Town
  • Old Houses of Tan Ky and Phung Hung
  • Night Market
  • Cua Dai Beach
  • Japanese Covered Bridge

Cost of Living: Total $800-$1300 | Rent $300-600 | Food $200-300 | Coworking $100-175 (Local currency: Vietnamese Dong)

11. Prague, Czech Republic

prague, czech republic | digital nomad hotspots around the world

Prague is increasingly becoming a hub for digital nomads and freelancers. It has over a dozen coworking spaces (or more) and lots of cafes with wifi to work in. The interest is fast, the food is cheap, and the rent is pretty affordable too!

The city is brimming with architectural and historical wonders, so outside of work, one can easily “play tourist” and roam the backyard. Prague is like a fairytale city with lots of activities, events, and networking opportunities. We did Couchsurfing in Prague once and I’ll never forget it!

Featured Coworking Space: Opero

Opero is an upscale coworking and networking space in the heart of Prague, just steps from the Old Town. It has a fresh and modern atmosphere with large wooden communal tables as well as private desks. A hot desk (flexible seat) will cost around $99 USD per month.

Notable Cafes: Kavarna Liberal, Cafedu, Cafe Pavlac, Friends Coffee House

Activities/Interests: History, Architecture, Culture, Restaurants/Bars, Outdoors, Shopping

  • Prague Castle (9th century)
  • Charles Bridge (14th century)
  • Old Town Square
  • Prague Astronomical Clock
  • St. Vitus Cathedral

Cost of Living: Total $600-$1000 | Rent $300-700 | Food $150-200 | Coworking $100 (Local currency: Czech Koruna)

Final Thoughts: Top 11 Digital Nomad Cities Around the World

These digital nomad cities all have one thing in common – they each have decent wifi, awesome cultures, and unique characteristics that would make anyone dream of living there. Beaches in Bali, temples in Thailand, history in Hungary! The world is one giant place just waiting for us to explore it. So what do you think?

Which one of these best digital nomad cities would you move to in a heartbeat? And why?! Feel free to drop your thoughts and questions below!

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  1. Cristina

    This is a great guide. I found it very useful and I loved watching the videos to learn more about the places. I would love to spend some time in Bali and I hope I can do so soon 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

    • Bri

      Thanks so much Cristina! Haha the Bali video definitely made me want to whisk myself away there right now as well. I hope you get to go!

  2. Rebecca

    So many things to consider when moving! This is great piece on highly Nomadic cities for people in search of like minded people. Also, knowing the cost of living before deciding.

    • Bri

      Thank you Rebecca! It’s true – there are LOTS that play into the decision to move somewhere.

  3. Maria

    Your photos look amazing girl! I’ve been to some of these places and I loved them, others are still on my list. Especially Medellin!

    • Bri

      Awww thank you Maria!! I’m so glad you liked it! Yes, I’ve got lots of them to “check off the list” still as well!

  4. Katie

    I want to visit all of these! This is such a great list – thanks for sharing!

    • Bri

      Thanks so much!! I want to move to all of them as well, lol! Even if just for a little while 🙂

  5. Taylor

    These are all amazing cities Bri! I have to definitely agree with you on Chiang Mai, Bali and Hoi An! I loved all of those places. I also agree that Prague is a great place for nomads. I was very happy by how affordable it was there. 🙂

    • Bri

      Thanks so much Taylor! I would love to live in any of them, especially Bali or Hoi An. I love those tropical vibes!

  6. Tyra seguin

    Love this post! I’m planning on moving to Barcelona next year! Been 5 times and fall more in love each time!

    • Bri

      That’s so exciting!! Barcelona is one of my favorite cities in Europe – it would be so fun to be a digital nomad there!

  7. World of Lina

    So many great cities! I bet all of them are amazing to live in 🙂

    • Bri

      Yes, I want to move to all of them now! I’m super curious about Tbilisi in Georgia, looks like such an awesome digital nomad city!


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