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I’m dedicating this page to keep track of my bucket list for two reasons:

  • Remind me of the many amazing opportunities I’ve gotten to experience so far and;
  • Inspire me to never stop exploring!

So cheers to new adventures and life lessons, exploring the wonders of the world, meeting new people in new places, sharing experiences and telling stories… 


  1. Travel on all 7 continents (4 down, 3 left to go!)
  2. Snorkel alongside whale sharks
  3. Visit the Ancient Pyramids in Egypt
  4. Camp underneath the Northern Lights
  5. Experience Day of the Dead festivities
  6. Meet Dr. Jane Goodall
  7. Meet Ellen Degeneres
  8. Bathe in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland
  9. Live on a tropical island or at the beach! ✓
  10. Skydive ✓
  11. Learn a second language ✓
  12. Speak at least 3 languages ✓
  13. Snorkel in coral reefs (in Belize & Thailand- yes!) ✓
  14. Eat a fresh coconut off the tree ✓
  15. Stay in an underwater hotel in Fiji
  16. Go on a romantic horseback ride on the beach
  17. Trek the Himalayas in Nepal
  18. Vacation in a private bungalow in the Maldives
  19. Open up a cat sanctuary
  20. Bike an entire continent or around the world
  21. Travel to 100 countries before I’m 40
  22. Come face to face with a lion
  23. Fly in a glider plane ✓
  24. Get a tattoo in different countries ✓
  25. Go on an African safari
  26. Do a work/holiday visa in NZ or Australia
  27. See the Great Barrier Reef
  28. Go on a camel safari in the desert (India)  ✓
  29. Milk a cow ✓
  30. Visit the Taj Mahal  ✓ (Read my guide to Agra + the Taj)
  31. Swim and snorkel in Koh Phi Phi islands ✓
  32. Hike up to Machu Picchu, Peru
  33. Learn how to surf ✓
  34. Have a French/American wedding
  35. Japan… just Japan
  36. Backpack around Europe ✓ (Read here)
  37. Learn from a pro photographer (or better, become one!)
  38. Backpack around SE Asia ✓
  39. Live in 10+ countries (already halfway there!!)
  40. Explore China and Taiwan
  41. Walk the Great Wall of China
  42. See the majestic Angkor Wat Temples, Cambodia ✓
  43. Tour the Killing Fields, Cambodia ✓
  44. Meditate with Buddhists in Tibet
  45. Visit the Vatican in Rome ✓
  46. Adopt a Shiba Inu!!
  47. Hike on an active volcano ✓
  48. Run a marathon
  49. Do an Iron Man, swimming/biking/running
  50. Sit in natural hot springs ✓
  51. Couchsurfing with awesome people ✓
  52. Go to the Holy Land
  53. Eat at a Guide Michelin restaurant
  54. Do the Ardéchoise bike race
  55. Go jet skiing
  56. Go glamping
  57. Tour a coffee farm in Colombia ✓ (Read about our experience!)
  58. Climb the Eiffel Tower ✓
  59. Eat snails and frog legs in France ✓
  60. Go to Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios ✓
  61. Get a Thai massage in Thailand ✓
  62. Visit Platform 9 and 3/4 in London ✓
  63. See all the Wonders of the World
  64. Take colorful pictures in Cuba
  65. Visit the lavender fields in Provence, France
  66. Dress up as Link or Zelda at Comic-Con International
  67. Visit Bilbo in Hobbiton, NZ
  68. Get laser eye surgery
  69. Swim with dolphins  ✓
  70. See the Queen of England in person ✓
  71. Become a published author
  72. Eat Dal Bhat with hands ✓ (Things to do in Kathmandu)
  73. Travel with best friend cc
  74. Visit the glowworm caves in New Zealand
  75. Watch the sunset in Santorini, Greece ✓
  76. Go on a hot air balloon ride
  77. Eat oysters ✓
  78. Visit the Grand Canyon
  79. Drink at the Guinness Brewery in Dublin, Ireland
  80. Explore Patagonia, Chile
  81. Be part of a flash mob ✓
  82. Roadtrip around the USA
  83. Go to a Brazilian Carnival
  84. See a live Broadway show in NYC  ✓
  85. Be maid of honor at sissy’s wedding ✓
  86. Ride a Segway
  87. Go skiing in France ✓
  88. Dog sled
  89. Go caving ✓
  90. Indoor Skydive
  91. Volunteer to help baby turtles ✓
  92. Go to a black sand beach ✓
  93. Make a sell of €40k at a French auction ✓
  94. Learn pottery
  95. Play music at a wedding (organ) ✓
  96. Be an extra in a movie
  97. Go on a cruise ✓
  98. Get hypnotized ✓
  99. Dress up for a Renaissance Festival ✓
  100. Be the speaker at a TED talk
  101. Go to a major league soccer game ✓
  102. Get a henna tattoo ✓
  103. Get a fish pedicure ✓
  104. Start a business ✓ (Fluffy Kitty, Bucketlist Bri)
  105. Go wine tasting in France ✓
  106. Live a completely zero-waste life
  107. Take a cooking class ✓
  108. Go naked on a nude beach
  109. Volunteer at an animal shelter ✓
  110. Donate blood ✓
  111. Plant a tree
  112. Do gymnastics ✓
  113. Make a hole in one ✓
  114. Go to a Hawaiian luau
  115. Stay in the Grand Ole Opry, Nashville, TN ✓
  116. Throw a dart at a map and go
  117. Do the Hollywood Walk of Fame
  118. Ride in a tuk-tuk in Asia somewhere ✓ (Read my India guides)
  119. Climb the Haiku Stairs in Oahu, Hawaii
  120. Stand up paddleboard ✓
  121. Bike with no hands ✓
  122. Tour the White House
  123. European Christmas Markets ✓
  124. Drink wine older than me ✓
  125. Watch the changing of the guard in different countries ✓
  126. Visit Komodo Island, Indonesia
  127. Visit the Acropolis, Greece ✓
  128. See the Mona Lisa in person at the Louvre, Paris ✓
  129. Go to Mardi Gras, New Orleans
  130. Holi Festival of Color, Nepal ✓
  131. Attend a Catholic mass in France ✓
  132. Go to the Olympic Games
  133. See the Monte-Carlo Casino, Monaco ✓
  134. Go ziplining ✓
  135. Go scuba diving or freediving ✓ (in Cozumel!)
  136. Be a guest at an Indian or Nepali wedding  ✓ (Read about it here!)
  137. Learn to play the guitar or ukulele
  138. Hang out with gauchos in Argentina
  139. Do van life for a while ✓ (Read my Van Life Journal)
  140. Road trip across Canada or the U.S ✓ (Read it here)
  141. Get my PADI scuba diver certification
  142. Build a tiny home with Paul
  143. Open up a cat café
  144. Bike from Sweden to Portugal
  145. Stay at a spa resort in Switzerland or the Dolomites
  146. Live in French Polynesia at some point!

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  1. Yasmine

    Love this bucket list. I’ll have to steal some of these from you haha. You’ve got some amazing things on there- and have accomplished many of them! Keep ticking things off!

    • Bri

      Aww, thanks!!! It takes a while to think about everythinggggg there is to see and do–I’ve got LOTS more to add to that list (hehe)!

  2. Laurin Wheeler

    Is there anything that’s not on your bucketlist? Lol

    • Bri

      Hehe yes, and still counting!

  3. Georgina Sneller

    Wow that’s not a bucket list that’s a well wish ! I’m pretty sure you will achieve most of them !


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