7 Best Breakfast Cafes & Brunch Spots in Sayulita

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Waking up early on vacation and getting a belly full of delicious breakfast is one of my guilty pleasures. I love being able to seek out the best breakfast and brunch spots when traveling! As a fairly popular surfing town, Sayulita has dozens of options for where to eat for breakfast. And if you look on Tripadvisor, they all say the same.

But where can you really find the best breakfast in Sayulita or the best brunch? (For those who wake up a little later!) Unless you have breakfast included at your hotel, you’ll need to go out in town to find the first meal of the day. I give you my top recs below! Here is my list of the best places to get breakfast or brunch in Sayulita, Mexico!

Sayulita’s Best Places to Go for Breakfast and Brunch

1. Miscelánea Cafe (The ultimate breakfast/brunch spot!)

Miscelánea Cafe in Sayulita is the best place to enjoy a truly soul-satisfying breakfast (or brunch). Unlike other places in Sayulita, here you can wake up slow. And I love that! Everything from the cozy, boho atmosphere to the natural decor and aesthetically-plated meals is to love. It also doubles as the best cafe in Sayulita for digital nomads which is perfect for us!

Menu: Features Mexican and international breakfast/brunch with a unique twist. Earthy, wholesome, and organic ingredients are combined to create eye and mouth-pleasing combos. Elote (corn) pancakes, French toast, avocado toasts, Mexican chilaquiles, Oaxacan hot chocolate, beet lavender lattes…

Price: The price point is perfect for the value and you can pay by cash or card (if over $250 pesos).

Hours/Address: Miscelánea can be found tucked away off the main street at Avenida Revolución 32a. Their hours are 8 am – 6 pm Mon-Sat and on Sundays, they close at 3 pm.

2. La Esperanza

La Esperanza Cafe in Sayulita Mexico

La Esperanza is a great healthy-focused spot to find light breakfast and brunch food in Sayulita! You’ll find more brunch bowls, tacos, and power juices here rather than hotcakes or hot chocolate.

The food is made with attention and the juices and coffee are great breakfast pick-me-ups! The cafe can be found on one of my favorite streets in Sayulita just off the main square. There’s also a lovely colorful mural out front to take a picture of! Fun tip: They have live jazz every Thursday night!

Menu: Healthy bowls, salads, tacos, power juices, smoothies, small appetizers

Price: More tourist-oriented prices, though portions are hearty and healthy. You can also pay by card with a 3% surcharge.

Hours/Address: Calle Jose Mariscal 12A, a short block from the main plaza. Check their Instagram for events.

3. Organi-K Cafe (Best eco-conscious cafe in Sayulita)

One of our go-to places for breakfast or brunch in Sayulita is Organi-K which promotes organic, local, and vegan power bowls and smoothie bowls. We once met the owner who picked us up while hitchhiking from Sayulita to San Pancho and she was seemed really courteous and caring.

The location in Sayulita inspires a sense of tropical calm as the seating area sits next to the river under a large airy palapa. We love coming here to grab a breakfast or brunch bowl and work on our laptops for a few hours!

Menu: Poke bowls, power smoothie bowls, juices, smoothies, coffee/tea

Price: Fairly priced as its filling and all the ingredients are high-quality and mostly organic. You can pay by cash or card too. (Bowls cost around $140-170 pesos).

Hours/Address: Avenida Revolución 21B and open from 8 am – 8 pm. Follow them on Instagram.

4. Alquimista

Alquimista in Sayulita Mexico

For an off-the-beaten-track breakfast spot, check out Alquimista. (They also serve great lunch and early dinner!) However, for breakfast, this little corner coffee shop serves up fresh Mexican breakfast and coffee at an affordable price. It’s a hidden gem and we only discovered it by walking up and down all of Sayulita’s cute streets. The outdoor seating area is small yet cozy and the staff is known to be extremely friendly and courteous!

Menu: Organic coffee, agua frescas (like pineapple basil and strawberry ginger agua frescas). Mexican tortas, chilaquiles, huevos ranchers, in addition to pancakes, omelets, etc.

Price: $-$$ a budget-friendly find!

Hours/Address: Open from 8 am – 4 pm Tues-Sun. You can find Alquimista at the junction of Avenida Revolución and Calle Libertad (about a block from the central plaza). Check out their lovely Instagram page here!

5. Tierra Viva

Tierra Viva is a popular breakfast and brunch (and dinner!) spot in Sayulita with its open-air covered terrace. We have passed it so many times on our way to the beach (as it’s just a block away) and always stop to check it out. It gets busy quickly as it seems it offers the next level up from the larger breakfast spots like ChocoBanana, etc. Tierra Viva offers a more inviting, airy atmosphere in my opinion and they serve a smaller menu with high-quality local ingredients.

Menu: Mexican/American such as eggs benedict, pancakes/french toast, and a breakfast burrito, bowls, and bagels.

Price: $$ about the same as other more touristy places.

Hours/Address: Open 7:30 am until 10 pm. Located on Calle Marlin 10. Follow them on Facebook here.

6. ChocoBanana OR Cafe El Espresso

You’re likely to come across either ChocoBanana or the Cafe El Espresso at one point during your time in Sayulita! I put both places here because they are very similar in menu, price, and location.

We have been to both on several occasions for breakfast and brunch and it’s always good, but nothing entirely exceptional! They are extremely accustomed to tourists and thus cater to tourists. ChocoBanana is one of the original cafes in Sayulita, so there’s the added feature of that place. But both are always packed full of locals and tourists for breakfast so if you want to go, go early to grab a seat!

Menu: Mexican, English, and American breakfast plates.

Price: A little pricey but has filling portions. You can easily pay by cash or card here as well.

Hours/Address for ChocoBanana: 6 am – 6 pm located right on the corner of the Plaza Principal facing the colorful Calle Delfines.

Hours/Address for Cafe El Espresso: Located on the opposite side of the plaza (can’t miss it). Open from 7 am – 10 pm. Find them on Facebook here.

7. El Original Cafe de Sayulita

For traditional Mexican breakfast, head to the bright-pink building on the corner near the hippie market called El Original Cafe Sayulita. This place is also always packed with both locals and tourists who come to taste the ancient Blue Corn tortillas. The cafe proceeds go toward supporting the native Huichol peoples and the Huichol Center for Cultural Survival and the Traditional Arts. It’s a good place to go before shopping at the hippie market (for example!)

Alternative option: If this place is full or service seems slow, walk a bit further down the street (away from the bridge) until you reach the Northside Cafe. Also a great spot with similar food for breakfast or brunch!

Menu: Blue corn tacos and quesadillas, chile con carne, sopes, agua del dia.

Price: Budget-friendly $-$$

Hours/Address: Ave. Revolución just before the bridge on the right-hand side of the street. Like their Facebook page!

The Best Breakfast and Brunch in Sayulita, Mexico

With a town the size of Sayulita, there will be dozens of breakfast and brunch spots to choose from. But I hope with this guide you can narrow down your selection and have a memorable, delicious experience! Again, my number one cafe for breakfast and brunch in Sayulita is Miscelanea Cafe. But don’t hesitate to branch out and try other lesser-known places to eat!

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Where’s the best breakfast or brunch spot you’ve tried in Sayulita? Drop your comments and thoughts with me below!

xx Bri

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