Best Coffee Shop for Digital Nomads in St. Martins, New Brunswick

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As a long-time digital nomad and now van lifer, I’m constantly on the hunt for a good coffee shop for wifi. And along our van travels in New Brunswick, we came upon the ideal cozy cafe for both work and play, as it so turned out!

St. Martins is but a small fishing village on the Bay of Fundy once known for its rich shipbuilding settlement. But today St. Martins houses but a few hundred locals and its best attraction is no doubt the St. Martins sea caves which attract kayakers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

So as you can imagine, when we rolled up in our van we weren’t really hopeful for a coffee shop with wifi. And just then we passed Red Rock Adventure and Shipyard Cafe.

Moments later I waltz in asking for Red Rock Adventure and quickly learn both businesses are run by the same owners, who were working in the kitchen when I arrived.

Here’s my review of Shipyard Cafe below!

About Shipyard Cafe

Shipyard Cafe in St. Martins, New Brunswick #canada #adventure #cafe #newbrunswick

Enter all yee into the Shipyard Cafe!

The Shipyard Cafe was named in honor of the village’s rich shipbuilding history, which to this day remains important and ever-present to the community’s sense of self.

Mike and Kim, the owners of Shipyard Cafe, sold their first cup of locally-roasted coffee last year July 29, 2018, and have since seen it take off with both internationals and locals frequenting the cafe to enjoy a cup of Joe and a freshly-made blueberry with lemon drizzle scone homemade by Kim herself. 

Shipyard Cafe in St. Martins, New Brunswick #canada #adventure #cafe #newbrunswick

Kim whipping up her famous Blueberry-Lemon Drizzle scones.

The vibe of the Shipyard Cafe is very much cozy-adventure-maritime with white-washed planks and a sailor’s theme of red, white, and blue.

But what I love most about their coffee shop other than their decor, is their low-key, casual vibe. You can come in and sit quietly or start up a conversation with one of the active Red Rock Adventures staff members.

Shipyard Cafe in St. Martins, New Brunswick #canada #adventure #cafe #newbrunswick

Shipyard Cafe in St. Martins, New Brunswick #canada #adventure #cafe #newbrunswick

As for the coffee, you’ll have to ask my partner Paul as I only tried their organic tea. All the coffee is locally-roasted from Whitney over in Fredericton and all their cups, including the plastic and the lids, are plant-based.

While sustainability isn’t their priority per se, you can tell that as much as possible, both Shipyard Cafe and Red Rock Adventure endeavor to support local initiatives; sourcing from local fishermen (to being local fishermen themselves) to sourcing from New Brunswick businesses like their Fredericton-based roasted coffee.

What to Order at Shipyard Cafe in St. Martins

Delicious blueberry lemon scones @ Shipyard Cafe in St. Martins, New Brunswick #canada #adventure #cafe #newbrunswick

Baked fresh, served warm!

Make sure to get a homemade cookie or especially one of Kim’s blueberry scones. Baked fresh on the spot and they don’t last all day so hurry up and order one while you can!

The coffee (as Paul tells me) is fresh and tasty. But if you’re not a coffee drinker like me, then choose from one of their organic teas. I got black tea with organic fruits like apples and cranberries. De-lish!

The wifi at Shipyard Cafe is just right for your work needs unless you’re planning to upload a ton of photos. At least for us, it was the perfect place to enjoy life (and a treat) outside of the van and not working off our mobile data.

Shipyard Cafe in St. Martins, New Brunswick #canada #adventure #cafe #newbrunswick

I’ll take two, please!

There are also washrooms located behind the seating area, along with some Red Rock Adventure merch and other goods.

Final Thoughts: Shipyard Cafe Review St. Martins, New Brunswick

Whether you’re traveling by van or tour bus from the cruise ships, make sure to pop in and grab a scone and a coffee or tea at Shipyard Cafe before heading to the St. Martins sea caves (or on your way back!).

Above all, Shipyard Cafe is the perfect little spot to relax and let the cozy atmosphere envelope you. Before long, you’ll be sipping away slowly at your beverage while your mind wanders to times past when the area was bustling with sea captains and shipbuilders…

Thanks to the staff at Shipyard Cafe for welcoming us with chat, coffee, and scones!

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Shipyard Cafe in St. Martins, New Brunswick #canada #adventure #cafe #newbrunswick

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