12 Best Places to Eat in San Pedro La Laguna

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If you’re looking for where to eat in San Pedro La Laguna then you’ve come to the right place! During our 2-month stay in San Pedro, we were able to eat our way through some of the best restaurants in the town (some several times over)!

There’s a surprising amount of options for food here, with restaurants featuring cuisine from all over the world. San Pedro has authentic Japanese, Indian, Mexican and Israeli food, vegan and vegetarian-only restaurants, yummy breakfast and brunch cafes, BBQ Sundays for meat-lovers, and more! There’s even an Italian bakery popular for fresh-baked bread, sandwiches, pasta, and wifi (for the digital nomads among us!).

I even included eating lava cake as one of the top things to do in San Pedro – because where better to eat molten chocolate cake than in a place that has three volcanoes?!

Whether you’re spending just a few days in San Pedro or a few weeks, here are the best places to eat in and around town!

Best Restaurants in San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala

1. Yakitori de Cava

yakitori de cava japanese restaurant in san pedro la laguna

teriyaki skewers bowl from yakitori de cava restaurant

  • Prices: $ | Q30-50 per person
  • Menu: Teriyaki Skewers, Bowls, Miso, Curry (Veggie/Vegan-Friendly Menu)
  • Location: 4-minute walk right of the Pana dock (directions)
  • Hours: Wed-Sun 11 AM – 4 PM, closed Mon-Tues

Yakitóri de Cava is a cozy and endearing open-air restaurant serving up authentic Japanese food such as teriyaki bowls, skewers, sake, curry bowls, miso soup, ramen, and homemade ginger ale. It is owned by the even lovelier couple, Kabo and Hiroko, who have lived around Lake Atítlan for the past twelve years.

When the lunch rush settles, Kabo can sometimes be heard strumming his Brazilian ukulele. The gentle music and homemade meal, combined with the breezy view overlooking the lake, all make for a perfect setting.

You can hear Kabo & Hiro play and sing together as well as peep their adorable restaurant in the below video made by traveling filmmaker Vagabundo:

You will also spot little flyers around the restaurant offering contactless acupuncture sessions with Hiro. Also, both Kabo & Hiro speak predominantly in Spanish but are happy to switch to English if needed (and of course, they’re always happy to meet fellow Japanese travelers or those who speak it).

I really feel so happy each time I visit Kabo and Hiro, and their two sweet pups, at Yakitóri de Cava. It is truly a gem of a place to spend your time while eating delicious and authentic Japanese food.

2. Sababa

healthy salad bowl at sababa restaurant in san pedro la laguna

cafe at sababa restaurant with view of lake atitlan and indian nose mountain

  • Prices: $$ | Q60-100 per person
  • Menu: Israeli Food, Sandwiches, Pastas, Breakfast, Cafe (Veggie/Vegan-Friendly Menu)
  • Location: 2-minute walk left of Pana dock (directions)
  • Hours: Mon-Sun 8 AM – 9:30 PM / (4:30 PM on Fri and Sun)

Sababa is one of the best restaurants in San Pedro La Laguna if anything but for its atmosphere and coffee. Their food is pretty decent too! So far, we’ve had breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Sababa. Not to mention many afternoons of coffee and lava cake!

Travelers love Sababa because it has a cute and Instagrammable-worthy swing bar on the ground floor and a breezy upstairs dining area, both of which give way to panoramic views of Lake Atítlan and the Indian Nose summit (a popular hiking trail).

The only downside to Sababa is that it can get extremely busy. When that happens, the attention to the food as well as the service gets a bit rushed. Nevertheless, it remains one of the most popular places for where to eat in San Pedro. Most tourists who come here will end up at Sababa at least once.

3. Fifth Dimension

vegan flatbread at fifth dimension vegan restaurant in san pedro la laguna

  • Prices: $$ | Q50-75 per person
  • Menu: Vegetarian & Vegan – Flatbreads, Pasta, Salads, Curry, Burgers
  • Location: 2-minute walk left of Pana dock (directions)
  • Hours: Sun-Thurs 11 AM – 9:30 PM / (4:30 PM on Fri and Sun)

Vegetarians and vegans rejoice! Fifth Dimension is not only one of the best places to eat in San Pedro, but it also has one of the best vegetarian menus in town. They also make their own bread, mango chutney, kombucha, hummus, drinks, jams, peanut butter, and more, which is pretty special!

Although I have never let my tastebuds explore beyond their amazing flatbreads, they also make hearty salads and burritos, among a few other items like a black bean burger, hummus toast, and spicy tandoori tempeh stir fry.

There are two levels at Fifth Dimension now, so you can enjoy a panoramic view from the barstools up top or relax in the down-to-earth atmosphere below. The women staff are always super friendly and they also accommodate delivery requests!

4. La Terraza

oreo frappes from la terraza cafe in san pedro la laguna ©la terraza© La Terraza

  • Prices: $+ | Q35-60+ per person
  • Menu: Burgers, Crepes, Salads, Homemade Desserts, (Veggie/Vegan-Friendly Menu)
  • Location: 2-minute walk left of Pana dock (directions)
  • Hours: Sun-Thurs 11 AM – 9:30 PM / (4:30 PM

La Terraza is a colorful and underrated restaurant and coffee bar in San Pedro. Each time we visit they always delight us with friendly service, great food, and a nice ambiance. It’s a little quieter than neighboring Sababa, so it’s the perfect place to go for good food with a view (and without the crowd).

While the menu isn’t entirely veggie or vegan-oriented, there is a hearty ‘Garden’ section of the menu. We tried the veggie burger with lentils, potato, carrots, etc, which came with yummy seasoned potato bites. It was one of the better burgers we’ve had here.

The desserts are also delicious and nicely displayed upfront. The carrot cake is always our go-to, but we’ve also tried their strawberry-chocolate crepe which fills also satisfies our sugary craving quite nicely!

5. Idea Connection

entrance of idea connection cafe and bakery in san pedro la laguna

  • Prices: $+ | Q35-60+ per person
  • Menu: Italian Bakery, Breakfast, Pastas, Sandwiches, Cafe Bar
  • Location: 10-minute walk from Pana dock in the tiny street 7a Avenida (directions)
  • Hours: Everyday 7 AM – 5 PM (Sunday until 2 PM)

Restaurant Idea Connection is an Italian bakery and restaurant in San Pedro La Laguna that is popular among locals, expats and backpackers. The owner is Italian himself and makes you feel very welcome!

The restaurant whips up a delicious and budget-friendly breakfast paired with a yummy cup of coffee as well as lunch sandwiches and dinner plates of pasta. The bakery sells homemade bread and pastries, like croissants, pan de chocolate, as well as fresh cheese and dairy.

There aren’t that many laptop-friendly places to eat in San Pedro, but Idea Connection welcomes digital nomads to sit for a while and enjoy the tranquility of their plant-filled garden. Whenever our internet was out at home, we’d usually end up here for a morning of yummy brunch and wifi.

6. Salud Para Vida

salud para vida health food store and vegan restaurant san pedro la laguna

  • Prices: $-$$ | Q50-75+ per person
  • Menu: Healthy Vegetarian & Vegan Food
  • Location: 3-minute walk from Pana dock (directions)
  • Hours: Tues-Sat 9 AM – 4 PM

Salud Para Vida is a health food store and vegan restaurant located on San Pedro’s bustling main ave near the Pana dock. If you are walking toward Yakitóri de Cava at the end of the street, you can’t miss this two-floor building painted in color with pictures of animals and healthy food.

On the ground floor is the organic and health food store, in which you can find just about every type of imported food, healthy snack, vitamin, or natural product, and on the second floor is a well-stocked library and restaurant.

Keeping in line with their brand, the restaurant only serves up vegan-vegetarian food with faux-chicken and faux-beef meals, healthy drinks, fresh juices, smoothies, and more. They also only use natural coconut oil in their kitchen as well as locally sourced and organic ingredients.

You might wait a while for your food, as service tends to run slow, but it’s probably because they’re making it with love! Get their garlic green beans and fresh apple juice – they’re on-point!

7. TLV Tapas Bar (Hamburg)

potato carpaccio and cocktail at tlv tapas bar in san pedro la laguna

dining area of tlv tapas bar in san pedro

  • Prices: $$+ | Q60-100 per person
  • Menu: International Fusion
  • Location: 3-minute walk from Pana dock, nearby Sababa (directions)
  • Hours: Mon-Sun 11– 9 PM

TLV Tapas Bar, formerly Hamburg, is a newly-renovated restaurant serving international fusion and creative cuisine. They are most well-known for their burgers, but their menu stretches to everything from tapas to platos fuertes, to ravioli, eggs benedict, and salmon ceviche.

On two separate occasions, I ordered the veggie and blue cheese ravioli and the potato carpaccio and both were so delicious and creative. In fact, all their dishes were unique and well-presented! Their cocktails are nicely made and colorful as well! As for the atmosphere, both the downstairs and upstairs seating areas are cozy and modern with a wooden swing bar that looks out over the lake.

The only downside to TLV is that it tends to attract a rowdy crowd in the evenings and during the day the music is on full blast. If you don’t mind that or are willing to ask them to turn it down, you will have a really tasty meal here at TLV!

8. Pita Sabij

the pita sabij outdoor falafel restaurant in san pedro la laguna

  • Prices: $ | Q35-50 per person
  • Menu: Middle Eastern – Falafel, Shwarma, Wraps, Pita Shnitzel (Veg-Friendly)
  • Location: 4-minute walk from Pana dock (directions)
  • Hours: Wed-Sun 2–9 PM

Pita Sabij is a delicious place to eat in San Pedro if you are craving falafel balls, shwarma, schnitzel, etc! It is located right to the left of Yakitóri de Cava and is also set outside in an open-air sheltered space with cute natural touches like plants and wooden swings.

The owners are super friendly and their food tastes amazing! They have a special Sabij pita which is stuffed with fried eggplant, eggs, hummus, tomato salad, cucumbers, and topped in Zough hot sauce. It is fairly inexpensive to eat here and they also offer home delivery if you feel like staying in one night.

9. Tacomex

chicken tacos and coca cola at tacomex mexican restaurant in san pedro la laguna

  • Prices: $ | Q20-50 per person
  • Menu: Mexican
  • Location: Less than a 1-minute walk from Pana dock (directions)
  • Hours: Mon-Sun 11 AM –11 PM (To be confirmed)

Tacomex is a Mexican-inspired restaurant in San Pedro serving up authentic Mexican-style tacos and drinks. If you are missing tacos al pastor and fresh salsa, then come here! The restaurant has weird hours and says it opens after 11 AM, but we’ve seen that it usually opens around mid-day.

Nonetheless, if you are missing the flavors from just across the Mexico-Guatemalan border, then Tacomex should satisfy your craving. The location is ideal, in the center of it all nearby the Panajachel dock in San Pedro.

The view from the windows is great too and looks out over the incoming boats and Indian Nose summit.

10. Indian Express

bowls of indian food at restaurant in san pedro la laguna

  • Prices: $$ | Q55-85 per person
  • Menu: Indian – Paneer, Naan, Dal, Palak (Veg-Vegan Friendly)
  • Location: Less than a 1-minute walk from Pana dock (directions)
  • Hours: Tues-Sun 12–8 PM

Indian Express is a new restaurant in San Pedro La Laguna serving up authentic Indian and Pakistani-inspired food.

We met the owner, who is originally from Pakistan but pursued higher education in California, is married to an Austrian, and now lives in Guatemala City. He is very kind and accommodating and will be happy to tailor his menu to your liking.

The food will transport you to India, with dishes like garlic naan, butter chicken, dal, aloo gobi, palak paneer, Kerala shrimp, and more! Entrees like samosa, baba ganoush, falafel, and hummus are on the menu too. The food tasted great and the view from the second floor of the building is pretty great, too.

11. Zoola

platter of israeli food at zoola restaurant in san pedro

  • Prices: $$ | Q60-75 per person
  • Menu: Israelí
  • Location: 6-minute walk from Pana dock (directions)
  • Hours: Mon-Sat 11 AM – 9 PM / Sundays from 10 AM

Tucked away off the street lies the cozy and bohemian restaurant and hotel called Zoola. The restaurant features a large outdoor covered tent, underneath which are floor cushions, carpets, warm low-hanging lantern lights, and short wooden tables. The vibe is earthy and the menu is Israelí-inspired with falafel plates, shakshuka, hummus, tahini spreads, and more.

Since Zoola doubles as a popular backpacker hostel, the restaurant, rooms, and bar are separated from one another on the property. You will arrive at the restaurant first, but if you’d like a drink from the bar, you will need to cross the open garden to reach the back where a chill bar area and an outdoor pool peer out over the lake.

You can find Zoola in the backstreets of town, about a 6-8 minute walk from the Pana dock. The path to reach the hotel and restaurant is just opposite the Tzunun’Ya museum.

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12. Street Food

guatemalan street food (pupusas) in san pedro la laguna guatemala

Last but not least on this list of places for where to eat in San Pedro La Laguna falls to Guatemalan street food! The local market that buzzes with life during festival days is a great place to immerse yourself into the local food scene. With pupusas, fried plantains, and more, there is something new to try!

Let’s see… What else is there?

On Sundays, the restaurant Smokin Joe’s does a Sunday BBQ but we never went because we don’t eat a lot of meat! El Barrio is also a popular place for drinks between friends and for watching sports games.

And if you’re planning to stay a few days more in San Pedro, make sure to stop by Jaime’s little hole-in-the-wall bakery (right beside Café Canela and Tony’s Book Store) to buy fresh sourdough bread – the best we’ve had outside of France!

If you are looking for even more great restaurants around, check out El Gato Perdido and Las Marias Cafe in the neighboring town of San Juan La Laguna (located just a 10-min tuk-tuk or 5-min boat ride away).

I hope this foodie guide to San Pedro La Laguna inspires you to explore around via its diverse food scene!


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