17 Best Restaurants Not to Miss in Antigua Guatemala

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From Guatemalan street food and hole-in-the-wall cafes to upscale French bistros and rooftop bars, there are so many drool-worthy places to eat in Antigua Guatemala. The restaurant scene in Antigua is arguably the best in the country; there’s just about every flavor to fit any preference and budget.

In fact, it’s thanks to all the restaurants here that made being a digital nomad in Antigua so satisfying! During the one month+ we spent in Antigua, we made sure to eat out as much as we could and take advantage of the city’s myriad restaurants, bars, and cafes.

In this guide, you’ll discover the best places to eat and drink in Antigua Guatemala on a short or extended trip. While most locations offer budget-friendly eats, you’ll find that there are some locations with prices you’d expect to see in cities across popular destinations in Europe or North America.

Nonetheless, here are our favorite places to eat, drink, and be merry in AntiguaNote — all prices are estimations and aim to give you an idea of the price per person, considering food + drink combined.

Best Restaurants in Antigua Guatemala

1. Caoba Organic Farms

organic chicken burger and fries at caoba farms cafe in antigua guatemala

  • Prices: $$+ | Q100–200 ($15–20+ USD)
  • Menu: Organic farm to table brunch-style fare
  • Location: 5 Avenida Sur Final (south of Antigua – directions)
  • Hours: 8–4 pm (closed Mondays)

Caoba Farms is one of the best restaurants in Antigua — that is if you enjoy a sustainable, farm-to-table meal! They serve organic breakfast and lunch right at their farm. The tables where you eat are on a bed of straw surrounded by plants and greenery, making the atmosphere welcoming and friendly.

Beyond the farm-to-table experience, Caoba Farms boasts a weekly flea market, sunrise yoga and aerial classes, a butterfly sanctuary, and an on-site organic shop where you can buy all the fresh vegetables, fruits, plants, and seeds that are grown on the farm. You are also free to explore the farm and the nursery before or after you eat!

The Caoba Farms Café is unknown to many travelers, yet remains popular among locals and expats. If you’re seeking to step beyond the downtown touristy zone in Antigua, then walk 20-minutes to Caoba Farms or hop in an Uber.

2. Kombu Ramen Shop

japanese ramen noodle bowl from kombu ramen shop in antigua guatemala

  • Prices: $$ | Q75–150 ($10–15 USD)
  • Menu: Japanese-Inspired, Locally-Influenced
  • Location: 1a Avenida Sur 19C (directions)
  • Hours: 12–3pm and 6–9pm (closed Mon–Tues)

For AUTHENTIC Japanese ramen, head to Kombu! Honestly, Kombu Ramen Shop whips up the best Japanese ramen and gyozas. It’s by far the best I’ve ever had this side of the Pacific.

Everything about the Kombu Ramen Shop — from the dim, cozy lighting to the kitchen-front bar, and, of course, the food itself — was delightful. Come hungry, leave happy. That’s basically Kombu Ramen Shop in four words.

As Guatemala’s first and only ramen shop, you cannot miss out on a meal at Kombu. The owners, I believe, lived and learned in Japan and then came back to Guatemala to merge their passions for both cultures together.

My only regret is that I didn’t come here more often!

Tip: Go early to snag a spot! Seating is limited, so you may have to wait outside until a table or space at the bar clears up.

3. Hector’s Bistro

cozy dining tables at Hector's Bistro restaurant in Antigua Guatemala

  • Prices: $$+ | Q100–200 ($12–25 USD)
  • Menu: French & International
  • Location: 6a Calle Poniente 24 (directions)
  • Hours: 12:30–9pm (open ’til 10pm on weekends)

Hector’s Bistro is the restaurant to go to in Antigua Guatemala for a special night out!

Headed by a Parisian-trained chef, Hector’s is a French-inspired bistro tucked off the street in Antigua with a hidden inner courtyard and trickling fountain. There is an attached craft microbrewery as well — Cerveceria 14 — which you can order drinks from to go with your meal (separate tickets).

When we went, Paul ordered fresh fish of the day. It came beautifully plated on a bed of cauliflower purée with roasted veggies drizzled with reduced balsamic vinaigrette. It was sooo scrumptious, I envied his meal! My pasta, which was delicious, couldn’t compare — so in case you go, get something you wouldn’t cook at home!

4. Samsara

plate of plant-based food from Samsara restaurant in Antigua Guatemala

  • Prices: $+ | Q40-100 ($5-12 USD)
  • Menu: Vegetarian & Vegan-Friendly
  • Location: 7a Avenida Sur 03001 (directions)
  • Hours: 7am–10pm

Right down the street from Hector’s Bistro you’ll find one of the best vegan cafes in Antigua — Samsara.

We absolutely loved this quirky and cozy vegan and vegetarian cafe. It is earthy in all the ways you’d expect from a vegan-friendly cafe, with rooty drinks, healthy bowls with seeds and superfruits, and a laid-back vibe. They serve everything from vegan pasta to hearty soups and homemade kombucha lemonade!

What’s more, Samsara is budget-friendly and the meals are always copious. I don’t think we ever left feeling hungry. In fact, it was quite the opposite — we always left feeling energized and full of renewing plant-based foods. And while we didn’t get the chance to try it, we were told by vegan friends of ours that their breakfast was killer!

Not only is Samsara’s one of the best places to eat, but it’s also one of the cheapest restaurants in Antigua Guatemala, too!

5. Frida’s

fresh tuna tacos at Frida's Restaurant in Antigua Guatemala

fresh seafood tostada served at Frida's Mexican restaurant in Antigua Guatemala

  • Prices: $$-$$$ | Q150-300+ ($20-35 USD)
  • Menu: Upscale Mexican
  • Location: 5a Avenida Norte #29 Calle del Arco (directions)
  • Hours: 12–10pm (opens 10am on Sundays)

Frida’s is no doubt at the top of the list for where to eat in Antigua Guatemala. It has been a traveler favorite for a while now, with mentions on several blogs. We ate here on two separate occasions (once when we first arrived and then again right before leaving) and always had a great time — BUT we always left feeling a little hungry.

When you consider the food, which is always fresh and delicious, plus the ambiance, which is fun and modern, then Frida’s does make an impression. However, I do say it is overpriced, which is most likely due to its location being right beside the famous Santa Catalina Arch (one of the top sights to see in Antigua).

If you have extra funds to spare, then a meal (and a margarita!) at Frida’s won’t disappoint. But if you’re looking for a more laid-back Mexican taco experience, head south of town to Cactus Taco Shop (# 9 below).

6. La Bruja

multicolor plant-based tacos served at La Bruja cafe in Antigua Guatemala

Cozy inner courtyard CC La Fuente in Antigua Guatemala with hedges and fairy lights

  • Prices: $$ | Q100-125+ ($12-15 USD)
  • Menu: Vegan, Plant-based
  • Location: 4ta Calle Oriente inside CC La Fuente courtyard (directions)
  • Hours: 12–8pm

La Bruja is an underrated little plant-based cafe set inside a hidden courtyard, along with a bunch of other cool eats and finds! You can locate it inside the Centro Commerical La Fuente courtyard — one of many “secret” courtyards tucked off the streets of Antigua.

Think creative vegan food at La Bruja. You can BYO vegan burger with a variety of plant-based protein choices such as tempeh, Beyond Meat, tofu, oyster mushrooms, eggplant, quinoa cakes, seitan, and more!

Inside this courtyard, there are a number of restaurants and shops including a Danish tavern bar called Skal that looks really neat! The atmosphere is cozy and super cute. Find it tucked away off Calle Poniente!

7. Antigua Brewing Company

creative coktail from Ulew Cocktail Bar in Antigua Guatemala

  • Prices: $$ | Q100-150+ ($12-20 USD)
  • Menu: Gastropub snacks & plates
  • Location: 3a Calle Poniente #4 (directions)
  • Hours: 11am–11pm (’til 1am Fri-Sat)

Surprised that Antigua has breweries?! While Guatemala isn’t particularly known for its craft brewery scene, Antigua is slowly changing that. Now there are three microbreweries in Antigua — Antigua Brewing Company, Cervecería 14, and Antigua Cerveza. 🍻

Antigua Brewing Company is a particular favorite of ours! These guys have it all — melt-in-your-mouth fish & chips and specialty craft beer brewed in-house (I had an awesome sour!), an airy rooftop bar with a perfect view on Volcán Agua, and most importantly, a semi-secret speakeasy whose only entrance is through a red British telephone booth. (Hint: the speakeasy is called Ulew Cocktail Bar!)

Great fun, food, and drinks all in one — what more could you need for a night out in Antigua?

8. Luna de Miel

savory crepe from the Luna de Miel restaurant in Antigua Guatemala

  • Prices: $+ | Q50-100 ($5-12 USD)
  • Menu: French crêpes (savory & sweet)
  • Location: 6a Avenida Norte #40 (directions)
  • Hours: 12–9pm (opens 11am Sat-Sun)

Luna de Miel is one of Antigua’s most popular restaurants — the line is almost neverending here! This French-Chapin crêperie is basically a homegrown factory; crêpes are flying off the griddles at nearly all hours of the day. There is plenty of space with a large covered rooftop terrace to accommodate everyone, though.

As for the crêpes, they’re yummy and filling (about the size of your head, literally), so well-portioned and cheap but overall nothing to rave about! They have “classic” savory and sweet crêpes, but also some very interesting specialty crêpes like their Luna Atrevide with chicken curry, mango, and jalapeños or their Luna Llena with goat cheese, pear, bacon, arugula, and honey. Pair it with a fresh fruit smoothie and voilà! 

We would often take our sweet crêpe to go, and sit down for a savory meal. For dinner (once you get a table, that is), you can be in and out within 20-30 minutes because service is typically fast!

9. Cactus Taco Shop

  • Prices: $$ | Q50-150 ($7-15 USD)
  • Menu: Mexican-style street food & drinks
  • Location: 6a Calle Poniente 21 (directions)
  • Hours: 11am–10pm

Cactus Taco Shop is my favorite restaurant in Antigua Guatemala for comfort Mexican food! 🌮 They have delicious fish tacos (for non-pork eaters like me) but with traditional al pastor seasoning which is just scrumptious!

While you can’t compare to true Mexican street tacos, they’re pretty dang good! They are everything you hope for and everything you didn’t know you needed when the craving for tacos hits.

True to style, Cactus Taco Shop is really only a hole-in-the-wall eatery; there are only a few bench-style tables inside, but they also have a cute outdoor garden for sunny days.

10. La Fonda de la Calle Real

  • Prices: $$+ | Q150-200 ($20-25 USD)
  • Menu: Guatemalan
  • Location: 5a Avenida Norte #12 (directions)
  • Hours: 9–9pm

If you’re searching for typical Guatemalan food in an upscale setting, then you may consider La Fonda de la Calle Real. They’ve expanded into three restaurants over the years, but the one we ate on on Avenida Norte is a former colonial home, with a rich history and beautiful architecture and decor.

La Fonda de la Calle Real has been a classic Antigua restaurant for a couple of decades now (founded 1975). As such, their reputation precedes them — even President Bill Clinton dined here in the 90s!

So, what’s on the menu? While there are grilled meats and other entrées, La Fonda is best known for their homemade caldo real — a hearty chicken broth stew, or their pépian — a traditional Guatemalan stew made from spicy chiles and pumpkin seeds. Both are popular choices and delicious!

Note — All that said, La Fonda has seen better days, I believe, and their popularity may have detracted from what made them special in the first place. Service is rather slow and unattentive, but I’d like to give them another chance and avoid generalizing!

11. Once Once

  • Prices: $$ | Q75-150 ($10-25 USD)
  • Menu: Plant-based, Asian-Mexican-Italian fusion
  • Location: 2a Calle Oriente #22 (directions)
  • Hours: 12–4pm, 6–9pm

Once Once (11:11) is a 100% plant-based restaurant in Antigua Guatemala that combines fan favorites from Asia, Mexico, and Italy.

Their food is delicious whether or you eat meat or not — think fried cauliflower tacos, fresh spring rolls, steamed dumplings, soy-based enchiladas with mole sauce, vegan alfredo ravioli with lemon, and loaded al pastor tacos. Simple and scrumptious – perfect for lunch or a date night out!

Plus, I love the ambiance inside this cozy, airy restaurant which is hidden in another one of Antigua’s hidden gems tucked off the street. You won’t find Once Once unless you know where to look! It’s located inside the courtyard beside Wicho & Charlie’s, located just a block from the 18th-century Convento Capuchinas.

12. Saberíco

plate of typical Guatemalan food and Maya stew from the Saberico Garden Cafe in Antigua Guatemala

  • Prices: $$ | Q100-150 ($12-20 USD)
  • Menu: Healthy comfort food | International & Guatemalan
  • Location: 6a Avenida Sur #6 (directions)
  • Hours: 8:30am–8:30pm

Saberíco is an unassuming little garden café whipping up fresh and healthy Guatemalan and international food. Many visitors describe Saberíco as an oasis in Antigua, and upon first impression, you’d likely agree!

Its inner courtyard is far away from the noise of the street, making it perfect for a slow morning breakfast or brunch. Tables are spaced out under the green garden canopy, where you dine with the chirping of parakeets nearby (—however, I wish management would take better care of the birdies; the cages are empty with zero enrichment and the water was often dirty.)

Overall, Saberíco has a really welcoming laid-back vibe, friendly service, and yummy food and drinks. (Not to mention, I had one of the best kombucha margaritas here.🍹) They also have a healthy food market/deli with organic and artisanal products for purchase at the entrance.

If you’re looking for a calm and quiet place to eat in Antigua, check this garden café out!

13. Fernando’s Kaffee

baked empanada with side salad served at Fernando's Kaffee House in Antigua Guatemala

typical Guatemalan breakfast with veggie omelet, salsa and toast from Fernando's Kaffee coffee house in Antigua Guatemala

  • Prices: $+ | Q50-75 ($7-10 USD)
  • Menu: Brunch, Coffee Roastery & Chocolate Factory
  • Location: 7a Avenida Norte #43 (directions)
  • Hours: 8am–4pm (until 12pm Sundays)

Fernando’s Kaffee is not exactly your typical restaurant, per se, seeing as it’s more a café and chocolate factory offering workshops. Nonetheless, you can’t miss out on a simple and affordable brunch at Fernando’s while in Antigua.

While their all-day breakfast and lunch menu whips up comida tipica of Guatemala — eggs, beans, fried plantain — they also have pastries and snacks, such as baked empanadas, side salads, and cinnamon-sugar churros.

Their coffee comes highly recommended, as well as their hot chocolate made with pure cacao! In fact, taking a chocolate workshop is one of many awesome things to do in Antigua Guatemala.

Side note — if you’re stressed, ask for Misha for some rejuvenating kitty snuggles. 🐈  

14. Vice de la Casbah

  • Prices: $$+ | Q70-200 ($10-25 USD)
  • Menu: Pizzeria, Craft Cocktails
  • Location: 5a Avenida Norte #30 (directions)
  • Hours: 4–9pm, 12–9pm weekends | closed Mon-Tues

Vice is all in one a rooftop bar, pizzeria, and club located right on the bustling Avenida Norte beside the Santa Catalina Arch!

While I wouldn’t say we had our best meal here, Vice serves up some pretty nice pies (that is, pizzas) and is a fun hangout spot for a night out with friends. While they do have indoor seating, the garden rooftop terrace is where most people want to be. It’s loud and vibrant, so not quite the place for a quiet evening!

If you go during the day, you’ll have one of the best views overlooking Avenida Norte and the iconic colonial arch.

15. Pitaya Juice Bar

fresh wrap and juices from Pitaya Juice Bar in Antigua Guatemala

  • Prices: $+ | Q50-100 ($7-12 USD)
  • Menu: Healthy Breakfast & Brunch
  • Location: 5ta Avenida Sur #19 (directions)
  • Hours: 8am–4pm

Pitaya is another cute “off the beaten track” restaurant in Antigua Guatemala. And no, Pitaya isn’t just a juice bar! They also serve cocina saludable—healthy food!

From breakfast comfort staples like blueberry bowls and giant pancakes to wraps and veggies omelets. For brunch, they serve fresh wraps, salads, and specialty items such as pad thai, grilled salmon, and quinoa bowls. Of course, they also serve up fresh juices and smoothies (Q25-35).

Pitaya also has another location south of town with a mini-golf course and restaurant where you can order heartier meals like pasta and pizza! Plus, they’re pet-friendly! 🐾

16. Rainbow Café

brunch plates of eggs benedict and sub sandwich served at the Rainbow Café in Antigua

plants and wooden tables inside the Rainbow Cafe in Antigua

  • Prices: $+ | Q50-100 ($7-12 USD)
  • Menu: Breakfast & Lunch
  • Location: 7a Avenida Sur (directions)
  • Hours: 8am–4pm | closed Wednesdays

We discovered Rainbow Café one morning when looking for the “best brunch food” in Antigua Guatemala. So, does it live up to the hype? Not particularly, but it’s definitely been a traveler’s hotspot over the years since its foundation in 1992.

I will say that the space is super inviting and cute, with a library in its entrance and a sunny, open-air terrace in its inner courtyard! The food itself is simple yet filling.

Many travelers come to Rainbow Café after returning from a sunrise hike on Pacaya Volcano or overnight trek up Acatenango — I can’t blame them! Here, you can rest and relax, plan your Lake Atitlán itinerary, or read a good book.

17. La Cuevita de Los Urquizú

Maya stews in clay pots from La Cuevita de los Urquizú restaurant in Antigua GuatemalaPhoto by La Cuevita de los Urquizu via Facebook

  • Prices: $$ | Q80 ($10 USD)
  • Menu: Typical Guatemalan & Maya
  • Location: 2 Calle Oriente #9 (directions)
  • Hours: 7am–6pm (until 8pm S-S)

Though we didn’t get to try this one last one ourselves, La Cuevita de Los Urquizú is one of the most talked-about restaurants in Antigua if we were to judge by travel guides and books (it was even featured on the Andrew Zimmern show). The menu is traditional and unique with Maya stews that simmer in big earthenware pots, so, while it may have started as a very local hole-in-the-wall shop, it’s now a tourist’s hub.

Planning on taking your travels outside of Antigua or Lake Atitlán? Then don’t forget to grab your Lonely Planet Guatemala guide! 

That said, let’s just say this probably isn’t the best place to eat in Antigua for vegetarians — most of the stews do indeed contain meat, and I’m not just talking about chicken thighs. Look closely, and you’ll find pig head meat and hearts, too (one of the specialties).

If you’re feeling adventurous and curious, why not give it a go? (Let me know if you do come here — I didn’t try it because I no longer eat pork or beef!)

On the search for even more places to eat and things to do in Guatemala? Then you may also enjoy reading…

Feel free to add to this list of places to eat in Antigua! Know of some cool spots not featured in this post? Drop the name below! 👇

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