Day Trip to Hobbitenango From Antigua — Is It Worth It?

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Hobbitenango — have you ever heard of this “Place of the Hobbits”? If not, it’s a hobbit-inspired eco-park in the ‘misty mountains’ outside of Antigua, Guatemala.

If are a big Lord of the Rings or Hobbit fan as I am, then you will definitely want to check out this Guatemalan version of the Shire! (While it’s not the real movie set in New Zealand, it’s the next best thing!)

That said… Is visiting Hobbitenango worth it? How do you get to Hobbitenango from Antigua? What is there to do at Hobbitenango?

In this guide, I’ll be sharing our experience of visiting the Hobbitenango theme park on a day trip from Antigua. Get a sneak peek of the Instagram-worthy Hobbitenango hand, restaurant menu, and more!

Here’s the ultimate guide to visiting Hobbitenango in Guatemala!

Ultimate Guide to Hobbitenango in Guatemala

Getting to Hobbitenango From Antigua

Ok, you’ve decided to spend the day playing pretend Hobbit! But how do you get to Hobbitenango from Antigua?

Hobbitenango is approximately 8km (5 miles) away from Antigua in Vuelta Grande (nearby Aldea El Hato and Earth Lodge). It takes about 20 minutes to get there driving. That said, there here are your transport options, including:

  • Shuttle from the Hobbitenango Office in Antigua (located nearby Cerro de la Cruz – Q85/person)
  • Driving there yourself
  • Carpooling or taking a private Uber
  • ATV Mountain Adventure Tour (includes a 1-hour visit to Hobbitenango)

If you don’t mind spending about Q30-60 for an Uber, then I would definitely recommend getting an Uber to pick you up and drop you off. It’s just the easiest, especially right now, to get a private lift.

Note: Uber cars won’t likely be available for the return journey back to Antigua. In this case, local taxis are parked at the bottom of the hill and will take you back for Q60-70.

Overlooking the Panchoy Valley and volcanoes from Hobbitenango ecopark in GuatemalaThe Panchoy Valley and backdrop of volcanoes (view from Hobbitenango)

However you get there, when you arrive you will get dropped off at the bottom of the hill. That’s because the last portion of the road to reach the Hobbitenango eco-park is extremely steep and gravel — you’ll need to hop in the back of a 4×4 off-roader jeep (provided, and included in your ticket price) to make it up there.

🎟 Hobbitenango Cost

  • Q50 per adult, Mon-Sun (Q30 for children aged 4-11)
  • All-you-can-eat buffet on Sat-Sun and holidays for Q129-169 per adult (breakfast or lunch)
  • Shuttles depart every 15-20 minutes or so

It’s here, at the bottom of the hill before Hobbitenango, where you’ll purchase your admission ticket. The ticket price of Q50 includes the shuttle from the entrance up to Hobbitenango, unlimited play on all games and activities (i.e. axe throwing, archery, minigolf, etc), a drink (natural or beer), and access to all green areas and trails inside the park.

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Things to See & Do at Hobbitenango

woman knocking on hobbit door inside Hobbitenango theme park near Antigua Guatemala

girl looking out from hobbit hole in the hobbit-themed ecopark of Hobbitenango in GuatemalaIt’s a cloudy day here in the misty mountains of Hobbitenango!

There isn’t a ton of things to do at Hobbitenango, but enough to fill up 2-3 hours!

Tips: I would recommend checking the weather beforehand and planning accordingly. When we went, clouds covered the volcano views which definitely took away from the experience. Crowds will also make waiting times for the tree swing, troll hand, and fair games longer, so aim to go through the week rather than on a weekend.

Hobbitenango Hand

The stone troll hand at Hobbitenango is an Instagram-worthy spot overlooking the Panchoy Valley and volcano peaks towering in the distance.

This area can be found by following the trail off to the right, past the hobbit hole with the blue door. You can look out over the hand from the upper-level viewing deck (right beside the troll head), or skirt down the trail to queue to have your picture taken on the hand itself.

An employee of the park will offer to take photos for you (if you’re traveling solo), or you can hand over the camera to a friend. There’s an hourglass that begins when “your turn” starts (1-2 mins each) so that everyone has a chance to cycle through the line at least once.

Archery & Axe-Throwing

man trying archery and axe throwing at Hobbitenango ecopark in GuatemalaPaul got a bullseye!

One of my favorite parts about the Hobbitenango eco-park is that there are fun activities, such as axe/machete throwing and archery. Even though the setup isn’t that grandiose, and is geared more for children and young adults, it’s still fun to partake in!

So if you ever wanted to try your hand at shooting arrows like Legolas… now’s your chance! You get three arrows per turn, then you need to move along or wait back in line for a second go.

Tree Swing

Hobbitenango tree swing

The tree swing is the biggest draw to the park, as the park boasts it’s the “largest tree swing in Central America.” Whether that’s true or not, which I’m sure it is, the swing wasn’t all that impressive.

You’re actually closer to the ground than the photo angles make it look. In any case, lots of people seem to thoroughly enjoy themselves swinging over Hobbitenango with a view!

Since this is one of the busiest activities/things to do in Hobbitenango, plan on getting there earlier in the day rather than waiting until the afternoon.

Other Stuff to Do

El Nido (neset) inside Hobbitenango GuatemalaEl Nido (The Nest)

market stalls and fair games inside Hobbitenango EcoparkArtisanal market and fair games inside Hobbitenango

Trails: There is a small network of trails you can explore in Hobbitenango, but don’t be surprised if they just suddenly stop and lead to nowhere.

Minigolf: If you’re spending the day at Hobbitenango with family or children, there’s a small 6-hole mini-golf course.

El Nido: You can rent out El Nido for a private, romantic event or dinner. They decorate it out and you’ll have it just for you and your significant other!

Live music: On sunny days, not during pandemic times, there is often live music and events that take place on the Hobbitenango stage front and center of the park.

Hobbitenango Casitas (Hotel)

Other than the hand, swing, archery, and all the fun games, people really come here to disconnect and spend a night in one of the fantasy hobbit holes. (They look just like the real deal!)

a hobbit hole casita with a red door at the Hobbitenago hotel in GuatemalaLa Casita del Sueño

hobbit-themed hotel at the Hobbitenango Lord of the Rings theme park in Guatemala

There are currently three little homes — casitas — each with a painted door: red, yellow, and green.

  • La Casita del Sueño (best for couples)
  • La Casita del Nido (couples or small families)
  • La Casa Esmeralda (largest with its own terrace)

All the bedrooms are made with eco-friendliness in mind and are cozy as can be with Hobbit-style furnishings.

Restaurant, Cafe & Bar

baked eggplant dish from the Hobbitenango restaurant (La Comarca)Feasting like a Hobbit — baked eggplant with parmesan and roasted tomatoes!

Finally, there is an on-site restaurant, cafe, and tavern in Hobbitenango to make your day even more memorable with hobbit-style menus and decor. All of the restaurant food is made fresh with ingredients inspired by the Shire.

Chow down on Hobbit pancakes, forged eggs, a magic garden salad, pizza, and more! I had a homemade baked eggplant dish and Paul had the sliders.

Both the food and service were great, and we enjoyed our Shire meal by a cozy fire inside the restaurant! You can check out the full menu here.

Although we didn’t have time to grab a drink in the tavern, it is one of the cutest buildings you’ll pass when you first walk in Hobbitenango.

Hobbitenango — Is It Worth It?

Considering that Hobbitenango is an eco-park, created among friends with a love for the franchise, and considering that it’s the next best (or at least, closest) thing to the real Shire set all the way over in New Zealand, then yes — it’s worth visiting!

hobbit-inspired decor inside the Hobbitenango theme park in guatemalaWhat hides behind the blue-doored hobbit hole…

Could they do a better job at bringing the Shire to life? Absolutely.

For example, the music throughout the entire park is not at all Hobbit-style music, but rather Guatemalan marimba music. It just changes the vibe completely and takes you out of the fantasy you came here for. (The only Shire music playing can be heard as you pass through the entrance of Hobbitenango when arriving or leaving.)

If you only have 1-2 hours to spare, then I don’t think it would be worth your while to visit Hobbitenango from Antigua. However, if you plan on spending a full day there, eating lunch there, and just relaxing and taking part in the games, then definitely go for it. Better yet, if you want the full experience of Hobbitenango, then consider staying overnight so you can have unlimited access to the games, restaurant, bar, and above all — the views — when all the tourists leave to go home.

I hope this guide to visiting Hobbitenango in Guatemala helps plan your visit! The park is definitely gaining in popularity and remains one of the best things to do in Antigua Guatemala. While there’s lots of room for improvement, you can definitely appreciate the efforts taken to bring this fantasy to this corner of the world.


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