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Whether you’re a thrifty traveler, nomad, backpacker, or a luxurious traveler, we all share the need to take our most precious accessories with us on our adventures.  This is why I created my top 5 list of travel accessories that I take with me wherever I go traveling.  Check it out!

Travel Accessories - Passport Holder - Bits of Bri

My passport holder / wallet 🙂

  1. Passport holder / wallet

Probably one of the most important things I carry around is my travel passport holder / wallet.  My sister offered this to me for Christmas and I cannot explain just how much it has made traveling more convenient and easy, especially when running through a busy airport.  The amazing thing about a passport holder / wallet is that it provides a place to put your most important stuff: money, passport, plane tickets, credit cards, bus tickets, and the list goes on.  This way I don’t worry about which wallet I put my money in, or which zipper pocket I crammed those darn boarding passes in. It makes traveling simpler! And plus, I have a vintage design of Paris + the world map which I’ll adore forever and ever.


Travel Accessories - Camera - Bits of Bri

  1. Camera

I cannot go places without my camera. It remains one of my most prized possessions and is always found hanging around my neck, ready to capture the next best moment.  Though I really want one of those fancier cameras, that make that beautiful “snapshot” noise, I must admit that my little Sony-Cybershot-Carl Zeiss-16.1 megapixel camera gets the job done, and quite beautifully I might add.  It is a pocket-sized camera that even makes taking pictures of the Mona Lisa in the Louvre look easy.


Travel Accessories - Travel Journal - Bits of Bri

  1. Travel journal

Also a gift from my sister, my travel journal is always located at a convenient place in my travel backpack or luggage.  It makes the perfect companion (like a good book) for long train, plane, or bus rides across countries or to and from distant cities.  I love writing down what I see, feel, hear, smell, or whatever else that comes to mind, and I love re-reading it months, or years later.  Pictures are indeed worth a thousand words as they say, but in my opinion, a picture doesn’t fully describe how you felt about a place or person.

Travel Accessories - Necklace - Bits of Bri

  1. Favorite jewelry

When I think back on all my travels, I notice I always had to carry around my favorite bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.  I don’t have a cutely designed bag to put them in like you would find from Vera Bradley, but that’s mainly because I’m usually constantly wearing them.  While traveling, I wear my St. Christopher’s “Protect Us” necklace, given to me and my sister Laurin by our other sister Nicki to wear for our backpacking tour around Europe.  I also bring another necklace given to me a few years ago by my mom; it’s a teardrop-shaped pendant sporting bright green Peridot birth stones.  I wear it on more formal occasions or when we have a few days in a city I’ll swap the two out.  Otherwise, I have two rings that I never take off (also a gift from my sister), and while traveling I’ll choose one or two bracelets that represent something, someone, or somewhere I’ve been that reminds me of something/one/where meaningful or important.  I’ve found that wearing the jewelry given to me by my family helps me to keep them close even while I am far away traveling.


Travel Accessories - Backpack - Bits of Bri

  1. Backpack 

Last, but not least, if you ever see me somewhere I will always be wearing a backpack instead of carrying a purse.  Wearing a backpack while traveling allows me to keep both my hands/arms free and flexible, where I know my stuff are safe and secure inside zippers and deep, hidden pockets.  If I need to run, I can without worrying about holding on to my backpack; if I want to take pictures, I can do so freely; if I am doing an activity, I don’t worry about where I need to put my bag down; if I’m in a crowded area, I can always wear my backpack on my chest; and a million other reasons why I choose to travel with a backpack rather than a tote, bag, or purse.  Bigger backpack for longer travel, smaller (cute) backpack for a day out on the town or wherever I may be.


Final Thoughts for Travel Accessories: My Top 5

I hope you could benefit from this little list of my top 5 travel accessories.  What do YOU take with you on your travels?  I’d love to know!  Leave a comment with words or pictures of your favorite travel items! Or, have a question? Ask away below, and I’ll do my best to respond within 24 hours.  Thanks for reading! See you next time on BB 🙂

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