40 Awesome Things to Do in San Pancho, Mexico

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As the cultural capital of the state of Nayarit, San Pancho offers so many things to do in the way of activities, restaurants, adventures, festivals, and so much more. Since moving to this adorable Mexican pueblo, we’ve discovered that there are so many things to do in San Pancho that you wouldn’t ever expect! Whether you’re visiting for a day or a week, or for months or more, there’s an incredible amount of things to do in San Pancho that’ll keep you busy and entertained!

In the near two years that we’ve lived here, we’ve been able to do most of the things I list below. And I’m excited to add more as we continue to immerse ourselves in this wonderful Mexican town. Please enjoy this ultimate San Pancho bucket list! 🙂

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Ultimate Bucket List for Things to Do in San Pancho

Where to Stay

There are a handful of boutique hotels in San Pancho that place you minutes from the beach and the heart of the town center. Hotel Cielo Rojo comes to mind immediately for its original, Mexican-style atmosphere and special Bistro Organico – its on-site bistro featuring sustainable food. But in truth, there are lots to choose from and the list is growing every couple of months!

Here is my comprehensive ultimate guide to hotels in the area with the best original, best modern, and best eco-friendly places to stay (Click here to read!).

Check out my in-depth hotel guides: 

Here are my top recommendations for things to do in San Pancho, Mexico (for short or long trips)!

1. Tour Entreamigos Community Center

Entreamigos is a community center that really embodies the spirit of San Pancho. Without it, this town would not be the same. It’s the reason we came to San Pancho and it’s the beating heart of the town! Volunteering or simply touring the center is the best thing to do in San Pancho.

Things to Do San Pancho Mexico | Bucketlist Bri

Things to Do San Pancho Mexico | Bucketlist BriEntreamigos Community Center – The 2020 motto is “Dreams without Borders” 

Its foundational pillars revolve around education, the community, and sustainability. Because of their passionate efforts, San Pancho is making long-lasting positive impacts on the local environment and the community.

If you don’t have time to volunteer for a few hours, at least walk in and take a little tour! You will come out the other end feeling inspired and enlightened!

2. Spend the day at San Pancho beach

The beach in San Pancho offers a day of rest and rejuvenation. Over the years it has become more populated, but it remains small and keeps its wonderful local feel!

40 Things to Do in San Pancho Mexico | Bucketlist Bri

When we arrived last year in 2018, a construction project was underway. Now, when you visit the beach, you’ll see the “Punta Paraiso” building staring blatantly back at you. It’s hideous and this town has protested whole-heartedly to have it removed (because it is robbing the town of public beach and is putting at risk the turtles who lay their nests here).

When you visit the beach please keep this community-driven and environment-first consciousness alive! Please avoid using plastic straws, styrofoam cups, etc., and dispose of your trash properly. 🙂 If there is one thing NOT to do in San Pancho, it’s to leave your waste behind!

40 Things to Do in San Pancho Mexico #sanpancho #mexico

There are two restaurants at the entrance of the beach – the “one on the left” and the “one on the right”. Up until recently, Paul and I would always, always eat and drink at the one on the left (La Perla). Unfortunately, now you cannot use a beach lounge chair without spending a minimum of 200 pesos. Before, you could come and chill, just order a Corona and some chips. But now they’re getting greedy so we don’t go there anymore. You can still order drinks and food without a minimum charge at the tables and it’s nice to enjoy a drink while watching the sun go down over the Pacific.

3. Hit the waves! Go surfing at San Pancho Beach

San Pancho’s waves can be rough and kind of intimidating sometimes, but despite this, you’ll see a handful of surfers at almost every sunset! You can rent boards easily from the main street or directly on the beach. The price will vary but I think we paid around 200 pesos.

Surfing Tip: If you’re a beginner, walk all the way to the left of the beach and surf there. The waves tend to be smaller and gentle. It’s where we first tried surfing! I was able to stand up 3-4 times. :p

4. Eat authentic Mexican tacos

San Pancho is bursting full of local stands and restaurants serving up fresh, authentic tacos. There are several places to try tacos at – make sure you try one of each!

Our go-to taco place: Los Arbolitos! Other local Mexican taco places in San Pancho that are delicious are La Loncheria, Evan’s Tacos, El Gallo, Victor’s Taco…and more!

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5. Hike in the jungle 

For those of you who like to go on hikes – San Pancho has got several hikes you can do! The first and probably most popular is the hike from San Pancho to Sayulita via the jungle and the beaches.

40 Best Things to Do in San Pancho Mexico #sanpancho #mexico

Take the trail at Hacienda San Pancho and follow it into the jungle. The hike comes out a beach in between Sayulita and San Pancho, where you can spend a couple of hours before rejoining the trail that ends in Sayulita. This hike will take a little over an hour to complete!

There’s another hike in San Pancho that takes you to a Buddha statue. It’s a little more challenging and will take around 2 hours.

6. Tour the Lo de Perla jungle garden

Touring the Lo de Perla jungle garden has been on our San Pancho bucket list ever since we moved here! We have only heard amazing reports about it! You get to tour the jungle’s exotic plant life including an array of magical orchids. The tour lasts for several hours and makes a great day activity to do with family or friends.

7. Go bird watching at the estuary

There is a goldmine opportunity to partake in some bird watching in San Pancho. The estuary on the beach hosts a diverse variety of birds and other wildlife which you can learn about first-hand from a local guide. We have not yet taken the tour but it’s a must-do thing to do in San Pancho you shouldn’t miss out on! I have the guide’s contact number – send me an email if you wish to get in touch for a tour!

8. Take a yoga or pilates class

San Pancho is brimming with yoga and pilates instructors, Reiki therapists, and so much more. Join a class at El Estar or head over to the Pilates studio on Tercer Mundo for a pilates or aerial yoga class. Expect to pay around 150 pesos for a walk-in class.

9. Wake up with fresh coffee

Coffee-lovers rejoice! You can get a fresh cup of roasted coffee in San Pancho! Our favorite two coffee shops to get coffee and work are Kokonati and Café Mañana. Kokonati is near the beach and whips up fresh coffee, cakes, and delicious homemade empanadas while Café Mañana offers a relaxing garden setting with homemade egg biscuits and in-house roasted coffee.

10. Watch the sunset over the Pacific ocean (one of the best things to do in San Pancho!)

The sunsets in San Pancho are some of the best we’ve ever seen! If you’re only in San Pancho for one night, don’t miss out on the sunset! Sunsets here are simply magical.

40 Best Things to Do in San Pancho Mexico #sanpancho #mexico

The sunsets are all different, some are blazing orange and red, while others are all the shades of the rainbow. Some folks will go every single night to the sunset! We go almost every night – but we’ve ended up missing a few here and there!

Watching the sunset in San Pancho is one of the best things to do here whether it’s for a short or long-term trip.

11. Volunteer at the turtle rescue center

If you’re here during the turtle season, don’t miss out on the chance to help release baby turtles into the ocean. We volunteered with friends back in November and counted freshly-hatched turtles from their sandboxes. The work Frank and his team of volunteers do is amazing!

Frank’s efforts over the years have resulted in the release of over 1 MILLION turtles from the San Pancho beach.

12. Grab a craft beer at La Cerveceria

La Cerveceria in San Pancho is THE place to go for craft beer. They’ve got a quaint little casita-style building on a cobbled-stone street with a bar and outdoor tables and most of the time they’ve got local musicians playing live music.

The vibe is cozy and warm and is quite a popular place for drinks among friends or colleagues. Don’t forget to try their cheese and charcuterie plates, or their fries! What more can you ask for?

13. Movie night with Ciné San Pancho

A friend started up movie nights in San Pancho called Ciné San Pancho. If you’re in town when there’s a showing, you must go! The films they feature usually are documentaries that send a strong message. The last showing we watched was Before The Flood.

What to Do in San Pancho Mexico #sanpancho #mexico

The movies will be screened either in the Bodega Teatro or in the local park, in which case, bring mosquito repellent!

14. Taste the best churros in the world

I don’t know the name of the couple, nor do I have their number, BUT, there is a couple who come to San Pancho (apparently during the week in the evenings before sunset) and sell churros from the back of their truck.

The husband shoots the churro batter with his churro-gun into the boiling oil while the wife handles the money and takes care of sugar-coating your piping-hot churro.

They are the BEST churros I, or anyone I’ve spoken to in this town, has ever tasted! And they only cost 10 pesos each! Uh-mazing.

15. Listen to live music at Open Mic on Tuesdays

Listening to live music in San Pancho is another best thing to do! (There are lots, haha). You can listen to live music at almost every restaurant in San Pancho, but the live music everyone goes to on Tuesday nights is to “open mic” at La Buena Vida!

You’ll want to go early to grab a table, especially if you’re going to dine on yummy dishes and pizzas first. If you stick around San Pancho for a couple of days, you’ll likely hear someone mentioning going to open mic or la Buena Vida at some point!

16. Go horseback riding on the beach

Another bucket list item of mine to do in San Pancho – horseback riding! You can either catch the “horseman” (as I call him as we haven’t been introduced) usually exercising his horses on the beach in hopes of catching some customers (haha, like me). I’ll be back to update as soon as we’ve tested it out!

17. Watch a local San Pancho soccer match 

The soccer field (or football field for some) is where you can go and watch local teams compete in a good ole soccer match. The games rack up quite the crowd and are a fun way to immerse yourself in the local life here in San Pancho.

18. Shop at the outdoor artisanal market on Tuesdays

If you’re in San Pancho on a Tuesday, don’t miss out on the local artisanal market on the Plaza del Sol from 10-2 pm. You can buy handmade jewelry, Mexican handicrafts, listen to live music (again), eat quesadillas, pizza, arepas, stock up on organic produce and beauty products, and so much more!

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19. Go salsa dancing at El Gallo

San Pancho isn’t big as Sayulita or Puerto Vallarta, but there’s still the opportunity to try a little salsa dancing! Every Friday night, El Gallo restaurant features live salsa and cumbia music. They often have guest artists come to play, too. Enjoy a glass of pulque, mezcal, or a refreshing beer and dance the night away under the stars. Like with the market, la Buena Vida, the sunsets, and the community center, El Gallo is another “San Pancho staple” you shouldn’t miss out on.

20. Rent a bike and cruise around town

If you have little time in San Pancho and want to get around quicker, consider renting a bike for the day! You can rent a bike for around 200 pesos/day at La Santa Madre surf shop right next to Kokonati on Tercer Mundo near the beach. Riding around San Pancho is a fun thing to do, especially on a clear da

21. Share a bottle of Mezcal at La Baba del Diablo

Also known simply as La Mezcaleria – La Baba del Diablo is a little hole-in-the-wall pub serving primarily mezcal. Mezcal is a popular Mexican spirit made from the agave plant, the same plant that makes tequila.

Sharing a bottle among friends might seem like a lot, but in the end, everyone gets a fair share of mezcal shots at a cheaper rate than if you were to buy single shots. It comes served with fresh orange slices and three different types of salts!

22. Relax in La Parque de la Hermandad

There’s a local park that’s quite hidden just off the main street in San Pancho called Parque de la Hermandad. Otherwise known as the “skate park” because of its small skate ramp, this park is usually frequented by locals having lunch at the nearby taco stand and their kids playing off on the outdoor gym equipment.

The park is shaded by both palm trees and leafy trees and has a wall of colorful mural paintings. It’s a great place to enjoy a picnic! This park is also the official taxi stand, so go here if you need a cab.

23. Splurge on international cuisine

Are you taco-ed out? No worries, San Pancho’s got your back. When it comes to international cuisine, San Pancho just might surprise you as it did us! Dine on gourmet seafood, delicious kinds of pasta, and pizzas (even lasagna), gelato ice creams, grilled barbecue, and more! The only thing we are really missing here in San Pancho is some good sushi.

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Best Restaurants & Places to Eat in San Pancho, Mexico | Riviera Nayarit // BUCKETLIST BRI www.bucketlistbri.com #mexico #food #travel #blog

24. Play pool (and video games!!) in a local bar

The bar’s name I don’t know, but if you go to the Nueva Galicia street (the first street on the right as you enter San Pancho), you’ll find a local bar that’s half-open, with several pool tables and a bar.

The bar owner also has 2-3 TV screens set up with Xbox’s and games like GTA, Call of Duty, and such so if you’re ever in a playing mood with friends, this bar is where to go! Plus it only costs 20 pesos/hour to play.

25. Visit the Alianza Jaguar association

The Alianza Jaguar association is another wonderful organization based in San Pancho. Its mission is to promote the conservation of the jaguar by overseeing sustainable development in line with human activities and rural communities, etc. You can learn more about them here or by visiting them in person!

26. Play beach volleyball

Bring your own volleyball to the beach to play some good old fashioned beach volleyball! There might already be a team playing that you can go ask to join, too. The San Pancho beach is pretty big, you can join a volleyball game at one of the set-up nets, or take your own ball or game and head to a quieter part of the beach to play.

27. SUP Paddleboarding

If surfing isn’t quite your sport, then why not try paddleboarding instead? There are lots of paddleboarders who come here to enjoy a row out past the waves and watch the sunset.

28. Eat brunch while watching a Polo match

One of the first activities we did when we moved to San Pancho was attending a Polo match at this random, fancy Polo club tucked away from downtown San Pancho at La Patrona Polo Club.

40 Awesome Things to Do in San Pancho Mexico #sanpancho #mexico

It was an all-inclusive brunch/sports match and it really felt like we weren’t in a small Mexican town anymore, but somewhere off on a rich resort. The experience was kinda weird as Polo matches aren’t our usual go-to sports event. Nonetheless, we had fun pretending to live the high life and explore another side of San Pancho we weren’t aware of!

29. Try your hand at circus arts at Circo de Los Niños

San Pancho is full of talent, which is on full-display at Circo de Los Niños San Pancho. More than just a building, it is a circus arts school that grew out of a circus social project in 2011, when the co-founder of the world-famous Cirque du Soleil set up a fundraiser for the youth and children of San Pancho.

Today the Circo de Los Niños is alive and well, with over 140 children participating in learning the circus arts as a way to empower the local and visiting community. But if you think the Circo is only for children – think again! Classes for adults are also available in both the Bodega Dance and Bodega Circo spaces.

I personally have been taking aerial silk classes for the past few months with my wonderful teacher, Ita. 🙂

Watch our aerial silks performance from last year! (I’m on the left dressed as Tinkerbell for the Literature Week Festival in San Pancho hosted by Entreamigos). 

30. Stroll down the Eco-Art Walk on Fridays

On Fridays in San Pancho, you can stroll around downtown and shop on the street from local artists who are proudly selling their work on display for the Eco-Art Walk San Pancho. You can find anything from handmade jewelry, to paintings, poetry, sculptures, to even handmade pet collars made with the region’s indigenous Huichol art!

31. Take a Spanish lesson or music lesson

With so many bilinguals here and internationals floating about in San Pancho, there are lots of opportunities to find a friend to practice your Spanish (or another language) skills with. You will most likely come across a flyer or post on Facebook about Spanish or English classes, and maybe even some piano or guitar lessons.

If you’re ever in the area and want to brush up your French, I’ll be free in exchange for Spanish lessons!

32. Play basketball, enjoy a picnic or event in La Plaza del Sol

La Plaza del Sol is where many parties and events are held. But even during its moments of peace and quiet, you can go and enjoy the plaza nonetheless.

40 Things to Do in San Pancho, Mexico | Bucketlist BriCelebrating for Saint Francis festival (after whom the town is named – San Francisco)!

The trees and benches offer the perfect setting for a quaint picnic. It’s also the home of an outdoor basketball court, which is often being used for a friendly competitive game!

33. Go to an Art Exhibition in La Galeria  

Right next to the old location of the Baba del Diablo in San Pancho sits a small but cozy art gallery where you can go and support local artists’ work on display. The last time we went was for a friend of a friend’s photography exhibition of the sky and sea photographs. Plus, sushi and cacao water were also served! La Galeria makes a great first pit-stop on your way to the Mezcaleria. 😉

34. Attend one of San Pancho’s international festivals

Believe it or not, this tiny town on the coast of Nayarit has lots of fun festivals with international praise. The San Pancho International Music Festival is one such event you should try to attend while visiting San Pancho! Among the music festival are the cultural festival, Day of the Dead, día de la Virgen de Guadalupe, and plenty of local festivals to enjoy throughout the year.

35. Take a day trip to Sayulita or Puerto Vallarta 

Sayulita sits just a few minutes from San Pancho by car and is renowned as the more popular surfing town. It’s bigger than San Pancho, with arguably more restaurants and shops to browse.

What to Do in San Pancho? Take a day trip to Sayulita! | 40 Things to Do in San Pancho Mexico #sanpancho #mexico

It’s one of the Mexican government’s pueblo magico’s and as such, attracts quite the international and local crowd. With that said, Sayulita is way more populated and crowded compared to San Pancho which remains quite local for now (although that’s expected to grow!).

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Similarly, you can take a day trip from San Pancho to the capital of Jalisco – Puerto Vallarta (often referred to as the gateway to the lovely Riviera Nayarit!). Downtown PV is quite charming with its Zona Romantica, long sea-side boardwalk, and trendy squares and parks.

36. Play golf in San Pancho 

The San Pancho golf course has been permanently closed as of December 2019. (Special thanks to Andrew who pointed this out!)

San Pancho has so many surprises! Did you know they had a gorgeous 18-hole golf course? It is well-kept and maintained and offers up a round of fun on a nice day! Some people say playing golf in San Pancho is one of the best things you can do, but I never really liked golf and would prefer to be out in the town hanging with the locals! This leads me to the next thing to do…

37. Rent a golf cart for the day 

San Pancho is growing, but its streets remain very local and are paved with traditional cobblestone. It’s easy to walk around everywhere and get a sense of life here, but if you want to explore the remoter parts of town like near the Maraica or the mezcal bar, having a golf cart is handy. You can rent them in town for around $40-50 USD per day, I think!

38. Discover all the art murals in San Pancho 

One of my favorite free activities to do in San Pancho is marveling at all the art murals scattered around town. There are at least a dozen in the Parque de la Hermandad and another dozen along the path that leads to the right side of the beach. Can you find them all!?

39. Volunteer at river & beach clean-ups 

On Saturday mornings, a team of volunteers will usually set out to clean up all the plastic trash and waste polluting the town’s river that empties out into the ocean. Usually, this team is led by the Entreamigos community center, but sometimes, folks and locals in the town will host their own river/beach clean-ups.

Sure, it’s not your ideal “vacation” thing to do in San Pancho, but it GREATLY helps to keep this community one of the most sustainable in the Riviera Nayarit, not to mention probably all of Mexico!

40. Experience a Temazacal ceremony (sweat lodge)

One of my most immersive experiences so far in Mexico was by far getting to experience a sweat lodge ceremony, hosted by friends in nearby Lo de Marcos.

In short, the ceremony is a mind-body-spirit cleansing with traditional Mesoamerican customs. You enter into a small closed dome, where volcanic rocks are placed in a hole in the ground. Water is poured over the top, creating immense amounts of steam. The ceremony endures for four stages – or doors – and is an experience of the senses. Feel free to reach out in the comments or send me an email if you want to learn more!

Ultimate Bucket List for Things to Do in San Pancho Mexico

Wow! Thanks for making it to the end of this article with me! Let me just finish off by saying that this is only the beginning of all there is to do in San Pancho!  While Paul and I haven’t crossed off all of the items on this list, we’re getting pretty close to it and will definitely have it all completed by the time we head off to our next destination.

If you are based in Vallarta or Sayulita, we definitely recommend taking a day trip here since there are just so many things to do in San Pancho Mexico you don’t want to miss out on.

Are you adding San Pancho to your bucket list? If you have already visited, tell me, what was your favorite thing about San Pancho? 

xx Bri



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  1. Laura

    Hi Bri,

    I am interested in the Temezcal Ceremony. by any chance do you have the contact or any information that you can provide would be great. Thank you!

    • Bri

      Hi Laura! Of course, let me send you an email — on its way 🙂

  2. Bri Weatherly

    I haven’t visited San Pancho or Sayulita since the late 1990’s (it was very different then), but I just booked 9 days in San Pancho at Par.Mar Topical (based on your review) for myself and my two teenagers. I can’t wait! Thank you for you thorough review of the town and all of the helpful information. We share the same name!

    I am debating on maybe staying a couple nights in Sayulita, mostly because I wonder if nine days in San Pancho for the teens may be a little long. Thoughts?

    • Bri

      Awww, hi Bri and nice to e-meet you! Thanks so much for your comment and for reading my guides. How wonderful that you are going back to Sayu and San Pancho! I think San Pancho is great for teens – there’s plenty to do there. However, the waves in SP are rougher/stronger than in Sayulita, which as you know has docile waves and beaches ideal for families and surfing (Idk if they are older or younger teens which may raise a concern in case of the latter). There are lots of community projects/events at Entreamigos in San Pancho, plus the beach, and a range of other activities (soccer field, horse riding). I honestly can’t think of major differences between the two, with the exception that surfing is ideal in Sayulita. Otherwise, eating out, shopping, beaching it up, etc, are available in both towns. I hope that helps, lol! Feel free to ask me any other questions. Also here’s my guide to hotels in Sayulita just in case you do want to spend a few nights there! xx

  3. PC Sue

    Thanks for the great list of attractions! This has been enough to shift our plans away from Sayulita. We are booking a trip for the end of April. Can you give any info on Covid restrictions or closures at this point?

    • Bri

      Hi there! Thanks for your comment! As far as I know, almost everything is business as usual. Some of the festivals have been cancelled. But the restaurants, beaches, and community center (Entreamigos) are open. Some places, like the center, are taking appropriate measures like mask-wearing, sanitization, and social distancing while the residents and other places do not – so just be aware of that! Hope you have a great and safe time! x

  4. Lauren Abrams

    With the new shut down requirements, will the Tuesday market still be going on? San Pancho beach open?

    • Bri

      Hey Lauren! I asked my friends who are there right now and they said businesses are supposed to close now by 8 pm, but there have not really been any shutdowns of sorts. So yes, I assume the beach is still open for now as well as the market (with social distancing in place).

  5. Rachel

    Hi Bri! Thanks for a fun and informative post! I’ve been researching cities and towns in Mexico to move to (or at least live for an extended period of time if I can’t convince my husband to move out of the US), and San Pancho is on my list. As far as rentals, I’d rather not go the Airbnb or hotel route, but what other options are there (if any) for finding a place to stay for long-term rental (anywhere between 1–6 months)? Is it easy to find a rental property owned by locals once you arrive? I’m trying to figure out how much planning versus how much “seat of your pants” this involves. Also, how long did you stay in San Pancho (and where did you stay– hotel? Airbnb? Other?) Thanks again for a helpful post!

    • Bri

      Hi Rachel! Thanks so much for writing 🙂 You will LOVE San Pancho! You can definitely find “local” housing, i.e. rent directly instead of booking through an Airbnb/hotel. That’s at least, what we did the 2 years we lived in San Pancho. We rented actually from 3 different SP locals or residents and 2x with the same person – Karina – who, together with her family, was an awesome host. I’d suggest you join the San Pancho Facebook group (San Pancho Communidad Participativa) and post asking about housing/rentals. The season gets cheaper after the holidays, so keep that in mind. If you haven’t yet, my complete guide to San Pancho talks about when to go so as to not miss the cool events (although I imagine this year they will be partially canceled or pushed back), among a few other “good to knows”. Though I imagine you can find Karina’s apartment posts in the FB group, feel free to reach out to me by email and I’ll be happy to share her contact info with you. Cheers! x

  6. Diana

    Puerto Vallarta is not a capital of Nayarit. It’s a city in Jalisco;)
    Cool article otherwise. Can’t wait to check out the Baba De Diablo!!!)))
    Thank you for sharing.

    • Bri

      Hi Diana! Thank you! I didn’t catch that, I know that Tepic is the capital of Nayarit. I thought I mentioned Puerto Vallarta as the “gateway to the Riviera Nayarit”, but it might have been in another article. Hope you have the best time in San Pancho!! x

  7. Linda

    Is there good fishing in San Pancho Nayarit mexico

    • Bri

      Hey Linda! Yes! It’s a great destination to go fishing 🙂

      • Kaycee Green

        Hey Bri! How is it down there with Covid? Are many activities still available? Thanks in advance!

        • Bri

          Hey Kaycee! Thanks for reaching out 🙂 I am not in San Pancho at the moment (now I’m in Tulum on the east side), but what my friends tell me, it seems like things are picking up and weekends are fairly busy. I know the Entreamigos had planned to open back in October, but I’m not sure!

  8. Andrew Freeman

    FYI…the golf course closed permanently in December. 🙁

    • Bri

      Oh wow, thanks for sharing! I definitely didn’t know that. I’m not much of a golfer myself, haha. I will update the article. Thanks Andrew!

  9. Sharon

    I like the idea of volunteering on vacation. You get a good feel for the local culture and may get to know some locals, too!

    • Bri

      Thanks, Sharon – I definitely agree! The center is truly the spirit of the town so it’s a must-see when visiting!

  10. Claire

    I’ve never heard of this town but it looks so peaceful and quaint ?

    • Bri

      Thanks, Claire! It is veryyy small. But it has a big heart!!

  11. Hannah

    What a fantastic list of things to do in San Pancho! Who would have thought it would have had so much to offer! The community centre looks lovely. It’s always amazing to experience community spaces and see communities come together. Just from reading your post it is clear that San Pancho has a really strong community spirit and looks like a really welcoming place. Thanks for the fantastic guide!


    • Bri

      Thanks, Hannah!! Yes, it truly has a magical vibe about it… so many people come here and grow, learn, heal, etc.!!

  12. Patti

    I am so interested in the Turtle Rescue research center. Did you visit it? I also want to help release baby sea turtles. That’s totally on my bucket list!

    • Bri

      Hey Patti! Yes! It is owned by a man, Frank, who came here in the 80’s I think. His program has released over 1 million turtles from SP beach since the 90s. Truly amazing work. He replenished basically the turtle population of the entire Riviera. Amazing!!


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