Best Way to Carry Money While Traveling

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No matter where we go or what we do during our travels, we always have to figure out what’s the best way to carry money while traveling, right? How you’ll do it depends entirely on your travel style and destination. But regardless, there are some pretty cool tips you can follow to ensure you are indeed carrying your hard-earned dollars the best way possible while traveling! Check them out! 🙂

You’ve probably already heard of the first rule of carrying money abroad – never keep all your valuables ($$$) in the same place.  While everyone has their own preference to carrying money while traveling, this rule is generally a good idea.

For example, if you store your cash in your shoe that’s deep down in your luggage where it’s all safe you may think everything will be fine.  But what if your luggage gets lost or is delayed?  You’ll soon find yourself without any money.  Same could also be said for those who keep all their money in their wallet.  Ehh, probably not the best idea.

So this is why you should

Divvy up your cash in multiple safe areas.

This is always a good rule of thumb to follow.  Some ideal safety spots are in your wallet, camera bag, purse, or in hidden pockets/areas that are only accessible by you.  Pick-pockets are very talented.  They observe the tourist crowd and target those most vulnerable and aloof.  So try not to be obvious about where you store your money.

Get a specially designed travel wallet

One of the safest areas to store your money is in an under-body money or card holder.

Agreed, they aren’t the sexiest things to wear per say, but they get the job done well.  At least you won’t have to worry about the safety of your money in this case as you’ll know exactly where it is and it’s easily accessible (for only you)!

These wallets are truly designed for travel.  Durable, efficient, 100% water resistant, and is lined with RFID Blocking technology to prevent your travel credit cards from getting their information stolen.

The best part about it?  It’s like an invisibility cloak for your money, cards, passport, tickets, and anything else that should stay hidden while traveling.

Put your money in cool, unthinkable places

Another option is to place your money in places literally no one would think about.  These places are just as sneaky as they are cool.

Empty/clean out your lip balm and roll your money inside.

This is a brilliant idea for those emergency needs.  No one would ever think about stealing your Chapstick, right?

To do this, simply roll up/empty out the lip balm completely and wash thoroughly before rolling up that Benjamin Franklin inside. Perfect for when your out in the city and need an emergency stash of cash.

Use an old deodorant stick.

If you’re looking for a little more space, you can also empty/clean out and old deodorant stick to store money.  While it may be a bit big to carry around with you places, this is a great option for storing in your carry-on or checked bags.

Any other lotion / sun cream bottle!

I found this idea about using a sun cream bottle for when you’re traveling to the beach.  Empty and clean out a sunscreen bottle to put all your valuables inside to protect them from getting stolen and from getting all sandy!

You can hide your keys, money, or even your phone (if it’s not huge).

Best Way to Carry Money While Traveling - Bits of Bri

Probably not the best way to carry money while traveling

Keep smaller bills handy

One time I made the mistake of putting my bigger bills behind my smaller bills in my wallet.  I thought I was being organized but I was wrong.  As I went to pull out only the small bills from my wallet to pay, I ended up pulling the whole stack out by accident and my money scattered everywhere as I frantically tried to catch them.

Has this ever happened to you before?  It’s better to carry the minimum, so try and do a little planning before heading out for the day.  Have a general idea of your maximum spending allowance and only take what is necessary.

Otherwise, if you’re traveling with some serious big bucks, a good way to store is to make use of the hotel room’s safe.

Best Way to Carry Money While Traveling

Have you ever used any of these money safety techniques before? Don’t hesitate to share your experiences of traveling with money in the comments below!

Personally, I always store the money I need for the day in my travel wallet.  I know where everything is, and I use special caution when traveling through crowded areas.  If my travel wallet is in my backpack for example, I’ll make sure to carry my backpack in front and hold it.  Also, at every small break we take I always check the safety of my valuables and adjust their location if need be.

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