Best Travel Accessories for Long Flights

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Traveling is amazing, at least it is like 98% of the time.  Long flights definitely fall under the remaining 2% that make up traveling, you know, the not-so-fun bits of traveling that everyone must endure in order to reap the rewards of traveling.  Travel, travel, travel.

Whether you’re a novice or a an experienced traveler, these accessories for long flights will make even the longest flight seem bearable. 😉

Cutting straight to the chase, the number one part of me that becomes the most uncomfortable aspect of my long flight is the lack of places to put my head.

How are people supposed to relax when their neck cannot go beyond a 90 degree angle? If you’re similar to me, then you know how tiring (literally) it is to not be able to take a quick (or long) snooze when you’re exhausted from traveling. Even with the provided airplane pillow, try getting that thing to stay comfortably in between your head and shoulder for more than ten minutes. Nearly impossible.

This is why hands down, one of the best travel accessories for long flights is dedicated to the top-selling travel pillow.



The J Travel Pillow is the #1 best-seller for travel pillowson the market.  Highly rated with a few thousand positive product reviews, it’s guaranteed you won’t be disappointed with the J Pillow.

It’s unique design guarantees full head/neck/chin support which prevents your head from falling forward (due to the annoying angle of airline economy seats) and is especially the perfect companion for side-sleepers on all those long flights.  Never miss out on sleep again as the J Pillow cuddles your head and secures it so you no longer have that “bobble-head” affect as you fall in and out of sleep.



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With over 7,000+ positive reviews, it’s no wonder this seat cushion is also ranked as the #1 best-seller in it’s category!

I place this foam seat cushion as number two on this list of best travel accessories for long flights because it simply rewards you.  8+ hours in the same plane seat can start hurting.  Regardless of how many times I shuffle in my seat or try to sit on my provided blanket, it just doesn’t really make a difference. Considering how often I surprisingly find myself enduring long flights, I ask myself, why is this not always in my carry-on?

What’s great about this seat cushion is that it’s perfect for everyday use.  Having it handy when it comes to long flights is just an added (and totally awesome, might I add) bonus.



There are tremendous benefits that result from wearing compression socks during long flights, such as reducing your chances for blood cots by 12x!

It’s kind of a no-brainer as to why this item earns a place on the list of best travel accessories for long flights.

The lack of movement from sitting for a while during a long flight is not very healthy for you.  This is why sometimes you’ll see most people get up and take walks up and down the aisles to stretch out their legs and get their blood flowing properly.


This super soft and all natural silk sleep mask made by Alaska Bear is one of the most satisfying sleep masks out on the market, according to customer reviews.

With thousands of positive comments, this silk sleep mask is surely going to add a touch luxury to your economy class seat.

Personally, I’ve never liked using sleep masks. Until my last long flight (which was 12+ hours from Philadelphia to Doha, Qatar) provided me with a sleep mask that I couldn’t refuse trying out because I was just so exhausted.

It was airplane brand, and thought it got the job done, it was scratchy and wasn’t very comfortable on my skin.  I did notice, however, that because it provided darkness and kind of forced my eyes to stay closed (instead of observing the passers-by) I fell asleep a lot quicker and stayed asleep a lot longer.

This is why I definitely recommend trying out this well-reviewed, super soft and comfortable sleep mask!  A great way to catch up on some ‘beauty rest’.



Normally, I wouldn’t include such an “obvious” item on the list for best travel accessories for long flights, but after considering all those times I had to say “Excuse me” and make people get out of their seats so I could awkwardly reach up to where my carry-on was stored just so I could get out my “refresher pack”, I concluded that this clear, TSA approved carry-on travel toiletry bag is definitely worth being included.

Many a time have I searched for minutes in my carry-on looking for my toiletry bag so I could brush my teeth with my cute travel-sized toothbrush.  Due to lack of planning and organizing, this always made my long flight less pleasant.  So now what I do is keep all my “refresher” items in one small, convenient bag. This toiletry bag in particular is see-through so you won’t have to spend minutes searching for that pocket-size hand sanitizer in the low-lit cabin or bathroom of the aircraft.

Have this bag conveniently placed under your seat or in the magazine holder in front of you.  It’ll save you time and energy trying to search for your most-wanted fresher-uppers later – trust me.

Final thoughts: Best Travel Accessories for Long Flights

There are way more items I would like to include on this list, but for now I’m going to keep it with these 5! Don’t hesitate to comment and let me know about your essential long flight accessories that you must have for all your long trips! 🙂

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Happy traveling! Or shall I say, “Bon voyage!”





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