Best Travel Accessories for Backpackers

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Having previously backpacked myself and currently being in the planning stages for an upcoming amazing backpacking trip… I decided to do a little research and discover what are the best travel accessories for backpackers.

I’m not one who will stock up on all the “must-have” of travel accessories per say, but these few items I’ve listed below definitely could make any backpacker’s life a little easier. When we were backpacking through Europe during the summer of 2014, there was one item my traveling comrades and I had in common that we simply could not have survived without.

That item is thus number uno on my list for best travel accessories for backpackers!

#1 – Microfibre Travel Towel

Introducing an amazing invention: the microfibre super-quick-drying all around awesome traveler’s and backpacker’s towel.

I cannot fathom how much we relied on our towels! But here, I’ll try..We used ours several times daily, and therefore we relied heavily on the promised fact that these microfibre towels dry very quickly, are super absorbent, sticky-free (I hate that feeling), compact, lightweight, and everything else that an average backpacker would look for in a towel product.  After one month of backpacking Europe, through cities, countrysides, showers, swimming, beaches, face-washing, hand-drying, makeshift pillows and blankets for long train or bus rides, these towels never let us down.  When we were on the go we could easily tie our microfibre towels over our backpacks to let them air dry.

Hands down, an essential backpacker’s travel accessory!

Best Travel Accessories for Backpackers - Bits of Bri

Our damp microfibre towels tied to our bags to dry. Leaving our hostel in Vienna, Austria


In order to avoid overpacking our backpacks, the three of us shared much of what we had – including the adapter/converter for our electronics. We would simply just switch out our devices by taking turns as we go.  In this case, you really only need to carry one adapter/converter for the group.  This one here is rated as #1 best seller and for good reason! It includes 3 outlets and 4 usb ports. So if you are traveling with family or friends, this would be the ideal pick.  It’s still compact and tiny to adapt in order to a backpacker’s needs, yet offers several more ports just in case your friend might hassle you over needing to plug in both their phone and tablet!

Speaking of electronics, this is the next best travel accessory for backpackers.


I was not even aware of these magical little devices until we actually arrived here in Nepal and Paul had his charging when I asked, “Urm, what’s this thing?” Yay for knowledge sharing, right!?

Anyways, with over 5,000 customer reviews, you know this bad boy is a huge “best accessory” for backpackers and travelers alike! When you’re on a long bus ride with no power outlets, a train, plane, a ferry, etc., and there are no convenient plugins to charge your stuff (or perhaps they are all taken, this happened to us several times in hostels), this handy little external battery charger can be a lifesaver. It’s mini, it’s incredibly useful, it’s worth the cash, and it’s just pretty cute.  An ideal travel accessory for backpackers!!


Steering away from electronics now, let me talk a little bit about a simple product that is beyond useful: refillable, small, handy, leak-proof travel bottles!  This three pack is the perfect travel accessory for backpackers looking to save space in their bag with leak-proof bottles to hold all the required soaps, shampoos, and lotions most backpackers will undoubtedly have carrying with them.

When we were backpacking, we did not have these convenient little travel bottles, but I remember thinking at the time how I wish we did have ’em! Instead, we brought one normal-sized shampoo bottle for the three of us to use.  We designated Paul as the carrier of the bottle which he put in his toiletry bag.  There were countless times when we had to clean out this same bag and wash all of our other items because the shampoo bottle had leaked.  We had even covered the lid with plastic for tiny spills just in case, but it was no use.  Plus, the bottle was way too big and so inconvenient.  it would have been much more efficient and handy to have small refillable travel bottles like these! Whether you use it for shampoo, lotion, sunscreen, etc., these mini travel bottles are definitely worth being included in the best travel accessories for backpackers list!

And what better to put them in when your pit-stopped in a city and want to go out for the day than in a handy dandy….


Too often on our own backpacking trip did we tell ourselves, “Dang.  Why didn’t we think of that??”  In particular, I remember thinking this very often when we would finally arrive in the morning at our new destination in a new country and though exhausted, just have so much excitement for going out and exploring this amazing new place.

However, we didn’t have a daypack made for travelers. Instead we used just a small and older backpack of Paul’s, that had one big pocket and one little one.  It especially was not convenient for holding our water bottle(s), for example, as they would tip over and start leaking.  We had Camelbak water bottles, but the tip of mine in particular, when tilted at a certain angle, would leak.  We agreed that in the future we would invest in a small daypack that has handy pockets, zippers, and compartments specially designed for traveler’s and backpacker’s use.   This one made by Outlander has close to 3,000 reviews and has a great rating, all at a very reasonable budget cost, making it the final and one of the best travel accessories for backpackers.

Final thoughts: Best travel accessories for backpackers

This list could go on and on but I tried narrowing it down to 5 highly reviewed and budget-priced items that all types of backpackers could potentially adopt into their travel style.

I hope you enjoyed my selection of the best travel accessories for backpackers!  If you’re a backpacker yourself and have additional or alternative “best travel accessories” you think should be mentioned on this list, don’t hesitate to let me know! I recognize every traveler will have different products to adapt to their own needs, but I truly believe that these 5 travel accessories could positively influence your time backpacking as they provide lots of usefulness and efficiency while remaining compact and lightweight! Basically the recipe for a happy backpacker 😉

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